How To Recover Or Get Your NEW Google Adsense Account After You Have Being Banned ?

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Have You Lost Your Google Adsense Account? Read This Guide to Learn How You Can Get A New One !

Many of us lose our Google Adsense account due to some unfortunate and unlucky reasons. Majority of the times, it’s because of invalid click activity that you had no control over. But you end up losing your adsense and as it gets disabled by Google. 

Now, Google strongly suggests that they the best tracking programs to track for the invalid clicks, however in some cases they make a mistake and  innocent Adsense publishers have to give away their rights of participating this program for the rest of their life time. 

We recently spoke to a few bloggers who want to keep their names anonymous and they told us how they successfully retrieved their adsense accounts.

If you apply to google adsense using a new email address, new payee name and same address your application status will be rejected. 

But If you re-apply using a new email address, new website same, payee name(same as the disabled one) and new address the result will be : successful

You don’t have to change your MAC ID / address for this.However, do take caution and never open or login into any Google accounts related to your previously banned Adsense account into any of the google owned web properties – YouTube, Gmail etc.

How to Change your Address?
Here’s a simple Example:
Old Address : Block No. A16, Home Number 45, Carter Road 45, 
Change Old Address to > 
New Address : A16/45 Carter Road – Forty Five,
If you are worried about Payee name, then that is surely not a problem as Adsense doesn’t ban your payee name.
The next hurdle is that of verifying the PIN. Just submit the wrong PIN numbers for as long as they ask you to submit your document manually. When that happens, just upload your documents which is accepted in autopilot.
That’s how you recover your Adsense account and support your family again 🙂

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