How To Recover from Google Panda Update/Penalty ?

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Getting hit with a Google Panda Update or call it Google Panda Penalty is really scary. 

One day you are making a lot of money and living a carefree life and the next day BAMN! Google Panda Penalty hits your site and you are whole world turns upside down.

How will you pay for all the EMI that you have to pay for all the loans you took. How will you send your children to school? Or pay for your house mortgage. We’ve seen internet forums full of complains of how a Google Penalty Update literally turned millionaires into homeless bums living off the streets.

Today, we will give you pointers that may be causing the Google Panda Penalty for your site or blog. 

Work on them and resolve them and you will come out of the panda penalty as a winner.

Here is the list of things you need to check on :

  • Site speed
  • UI/UX related issues
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Bad navigation issues
  • High bounce rate
  • High ads to content ratio
  • Low quality content
  • Old and unupdated content
  • Nofollow and noindex low quality pages
  • If you have empty profile pages. Then do something about the Profile pages like showing similar profiles based on interest, geography etc below the empty profile page. That will make the page valuable.
  • Similarly on a download page, maybe you want to put up comments box for user pushing them to post a comment while waiting to downloading something.

Have a question ? Want to add something to the list? We are waiting for your comments!

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