How To Make The Most Of College Life

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By Vrinda Gupta

College- the place of happy (and some not-so-happy) memories. Are you a freshman, wondering how to wisely spend the next three/four years? Read on!

     1.Don’t relax too much

A lot of students, exhausted by the sheer effort they expended to make it to their dream university, let go of every ounce of productivity once they actually get in. Don’t be one of them. College is time to have fun, but it is also a place to learn and grow. Try not to be too laid back, and indulge in as many productive activities as possible.

     2.Extra curriculars are important

If you’re an engineer you’re probably a little too familiar with this. Make sure to join diverse clubs in college, they’re what will help you break the rut of your mundane classes. If you can’t find a particular society in college, start one. You’ll enjoy them more than your regular classes anyway, and they will groom you in ways that the classroom can never do.

 3.Don’t let your grades slip

There are some fields which require stellar grades for you to secure your dream job, while there are others which really don’t. Either way, it always helps to maintain at least average grades. If you’re always worried about backlogs, you won’t be able to focus on anything- be it academics, or that passion you chose to pursue in lieu of your grades.

 4.You don’t have to be “cool”

If everybody around you who’s partying it out makes it seem to be the pinnacle of enjoyment, but you disagree- it’s okay. Don’t be pressurized into doing something you don’t want to. College is a place to explore and experiment. But remember- it is all your choice. Don’t let others choose for you.

 5.Do not stay stagnant

Make a pact with yourself- you will not be the same person by the end of the year, as you were in the beginning of it. Do not hold on to old inhibitions- be it academics, personality, or skills. If you were afraid of public speaking in school, make it a point to partake in it in college. You don’t want to let old fears shape the most important period of your life too.

 6.Don’t worry yourself sick about the future, but do worry

We spend our entire school life thinking about what’s next- our GPA, what stream to choose, what college to go to. But far too many people, once they enter college, stop thinking about the future at all. You surely deserve a break from the constant worrying, but don’t take what you have for granted.


Because you didn’t do enough of it in school. College can shape you into a beautiful human with the right mix of values and skills; or it could be remembered as the time you spent eating away your days, failing your classes and squandering your time. Always think of college as a place to grow, and you’ll never have to worry about a thing.


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122 points
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