How to make money blogging?

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You want to make money blogging and you want to make money blogging NOW !

Time and again, whenever I speak to young bloggers or clients, they tell me that they want to make money immediately. They want that their product or service starts selling immediately right from the first blog post, and that’s where a majority of not just newbies but even experienced bloggers go wrong.

Today, I’m going to let you in on the secret and tell you – How To Make Money Blogging !

Imagine that you are in the weight loss blogging niche and your product is a pill that will help people lose 5 kilograms of weight in 2 weeks. Or you are selling a consultation service that will help people lose 5 kilograms of weight in 2 weeks. How would you go about selling your product or service by blogging ?
Yes, you would start by researching on your target customer. What are the problems faced by overweight people? What are the various things that people do wrong when they are trying to lose weight? What are the major myths that need to be busted?

When I was pursuing my MBA, we were taught to profile and visualize our customer. The profile would go something like this:

Rashmi is a young successful 30 something women entrepreneur who is constantly travelling globally and living a suitcase and laptop lifestyle. She hops between cities and stays at five stars. Her lunch and dinner are with CEO’s of global corporations and she struggles everyday to eat right and look gorgeous. 

As an expert in the health niche, think – What kind of questions and concerns will Rashmi have? You would have answers to all of her questions and you can easily share your advice through your blog.

You would also have many such stories to tell and case studies to share. You may also want to splash some testimonials to establish credibility and faith in people reading your blogposts, yes?

Now that you are creating interesting content and breaking myths, wouldn’t your readers want to read a lot more of your content every time you updated your blog? You have to connect with your audience at any and every place that you can. You will connect with your readers on social sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, Yahoo QnA, Quora, Blogs in your niche, Forums, Offline Events, Hangouts and just about every place where your expertise will help your audience.

Think about it this way. Where will you be able to find Rashmi online? Which are the websites she visits? What are the blogs she reads? Can you do a guest blog post on that blog as an authority on this topic?

Would Rashmi be reading a magazine for women entrepreneurs? Can you reach out to the magazine and pitch an interesting article that they’d be interested to carry? You will be surprised to know how many publications will easily publish you if you write content that connects with their readers and solves a problem for them.

Also consider reverse guest posting. Give a newbie in your niche a chance to write on your blog. When they enthusiastically share their article published on your blog with their audience of friends – family and clients on their facebook, twitter etc profiles, you not only gain branding for your blog but also a huge new set of followers.

While doing this ensure that you refer and build a klout and most importantly a huge email list that you can send your latest blog-posts to. Remember that not all your readers are going to buy from you and definitely most of them won’t be buying anything if they have read just your one blog post. This relation has to be nurtured by you and you have to constantly keep in touch with them with frequent blog posts that are interesting to them.

If you establish yourself as an authority, your fans and followers will gobble up any product you recommend or any service you offer. Make sure you create enough anticipation and buzz about your products and services before you offer them. Do it the Apple way, or the Gmail way. Remember a decade back when Gmail had launched? You would be able to use GMAIL only if you had an invite and the only way to get an invite was to literally beg your friends for it or pay up on ebay and buy an invite. Make sure your products and services are marketed in such a way that they are the talk of the town. Ensure that people are eagerly waiting to buy from you a much anticipated product or service so that when you finally release it, it is all sold out very fast.
And when you have done all of this, SELL SELL SELL and you will have dollars ka-chinging in your pocket before you know it.
Here’s the summary in 7 simple steps that you need to work on to make money blogging !

1.) Know your readers and address their problems
2.) Share your expertise and help your audience
3.) Connect with your audience deep in breadth and depth
4.) Constantly engage with them through your email list
5.) Build a Buzz for your Products and Services
6.) Sell Sell Sell
7.) Re-Invest in your products and services to maintain your position as authority.
Have a question? I’m here to answer all your doubts and concerns. How did you like today’s tutorial? I’m waiting for your comments !

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