How to become a better Writer

Do you have a better story but afraid you don't know how to picture that on a paper. Read it, and you will feel confident. 1 min


"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."-Thomass Mann

Writing is an art. It is something that gives satisfaction to those who write as well as those who read. It might be easier for a shooter to fire his rifle with the just aim in his mind, but trust me, it is difficult for a writer to frame his words with different images and perfect combinations. Even I found it a bit frustrating on my first articles, but then I found it can be concured with few practices and a bit of dedication along with passion and patience. 

You might have found my indroduction a bit weired, but believe me it is my style. So before me discussing all those seem to be simple introduction words let me begin with a writers style.


Every writer has his on way of doing things. It is hard for one to compare Amish Tripati with Chetan Baghat on their writing styles, both had created their on signature on Indian Litrature. So what is this 'style in writing?'. Writing Style is the direct deptiction of what we write. One who reads the article compares the writer with his presentation skill. So working on building a better presentation skill can boost your morale on writing. 

Now It is The Time for Me To Give You a small Advice.

Practise Writing, because ofcource Practice Makes  a man perfect. Write many content, though small on your diary or a book or atleast a paper. Write as many as you read. Make your own signature skills on writing. Dedicate your life for what you are doing. Write, write and write. Work to build your patience. Make writing your passion. You can be the next Amish Tripati or Chetan Bhagat.

It is your time to show your talent. I recoment you writing, because I say Writing can make you better.Happy writing…….


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