How Not Knowing Difference Between An Article and A Blog Makes You a Rookie.

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The difference between an Article and a Blog:
articles. A healthy combination of both ensures you success as a content creator.
In the examples mentioned below, do follow the style of writing to understand the difference. The content can differ based on categories, but the writing style is generally the same.
A few examples of blogs are as follows:
·       Major points of distinction:
1.    They talk to the audience.
2.    They have a very personal touch to the writing.
3.    Preferably short and concise in word length.
A few examples of Articles are as follows:
·       Major points of distinction:
1.    They give out information.
2.    They state facts, but do not communicate on a personal level.
3.    The world length can be way longer than a blog.
Do go through and send across any more points of distinction that you come across in these styles of writing!

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