How Digital Marketing impacts Branding & Promoting

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Digital marketing is growing tremendously these days; it can be referred as publicizing of products using digital media like internet, mobile phones, 3D or animated display hoarding.There are numerous roles of digital marketing in promoting and branding.

  1. It is very easy for people to advertise digitally because of high public reach. People use electronic devices very frequently be it cell phones or laptops or computers, which makes the visibility of a certain product high.

  2. On the internet, people are able to view ads via pop us, during watching videos on YouTube, Facebook ads/Pages. These days net traffic on social media is very high so business firms can easily target a large customer base, making it a cost-effective raising because here the per person cost of advertising reduces. We all know computer makes our work easy and is very convenient because we can make amazing advertisements using different available tools.

  3. It is a very effective method because digital platform provides an ease to the brand and its customers to interact directly and exchange their motives virtually. This also makes communication between buyer and seller easy.

  4. Another advantage of digitalizing marketing is that the consumers are exposed to the brand and product as it is being advertised directly, the seller provides with every necessary information and an email address where the customer can contact him for feedback as well as any problem.

  5. An advantage of building a brand over the internet is a way in which relationships with customers and prospects can be strengthened (Chiagouris & Wansley, 2000).

  6. Customer connection is the key to business success. The way in which Amazon.com has established these connections by way of book purchases, gives Amazon.com an insight into authors the consumer may like so are therefore able to recommend suggestions.

  7. Over time, they suggest these to consumers. This keeps the relationship between Amazon.com and the consumer because it is keeping them enticed and interested. It shows the consumer that Amazon.com care about their needs and wants. According to Vice President David Risher, Amazon.com is on the way to targeting specific consumers (Chiagouris & Wansley, 2000). But every coin has two sides creating a brand name or promotion of a product via digital media might not give expected results.

  8. Almost all the business firms are using the internet these days which makes the working environment highly competitive and sometimes may lead to an unhealthy competition. Also one needs to work very securely while doing this work because a lot of hackers are wandering over the net who can hack into company’s account and steal valuable information such as consumer’s personal information.

  9. Every marketing tools have its own pros and cons. If used judiciously digital marketing can prove to be a great boon for branding and promoting.

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