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The final season of Game of Thrones will be released in 2019, which is still so far. It is sad that this epic will end after this season.  

We have made a list of incidents that we would love to see in season 8.



  • Fight between the fire and ice dragon


The season 7 finale ended with Viserion burning down the wall with blue ice flames. This transformation of Dany’s precious dragon has left us dumbstruck. Fight between Dany’s fire and ice babies is something to look out for in season 8.


  • Will Tormund and Beric survive?


The wall’s burning down or cooling down has left the fate of Beric and Tormund hanging. We are eager to know that will they survive? And if they do, then HOW?


  • Jon finding the truth about himself


Bran and Sam are waiting in Winterfell for Jon’s arrival preparing to tell him that he is not a bastard. He is, infact a Targaryen and his lover Dany is his aunt. This will be a huge shock for him.


  • Story behind Bran giving Arya his dagger


Bran is now the three-eyed raven and we have figured that giving Arya his dagger has something to do with his future seeing vision. Maybe Arya might be seen killing someone important with Littlefinger’s precious dagger.


  • Bran meeting Jamie


Jamie made Bran the cripple that he is today. Their confrontation will surely be exciting to watch, now that Bran knows the truth.

  • Dany and Jon’s happily ever after

Though we do not like incest, but Dany and Jon are just sooo adorable together. Moreover, Targaryen’s have a history of incest so maybe it will be okay and they will rule Westeros with little Dany’s and Jon’s.


  • Yara’s fate

Yara has not been seen since Euron kidnapped her.  Theon is getting ready to free Yara from the clutches of Euron Greyjoy. We hope he saves her.


  • Fight between the Clegane brothers.


The two biggest men in Westeros i.e the Clegane brothers hate each other to their guts and are ready to take each other’s guts out anytime. Personally, I want the Hound to win. The poor burnt man deserves his revenge.


  • Who will be Azor Azai?


According to the books, Azor Azai is the prince who will have to kill his true love in order to save the living from the dead. He will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. He could be either Jamie killing Cersei or Jon killing Dany. No matter what, our hearts will ache to see Jamie or Jon killing their lovers.


  • Who will sit on the iron throne?


The last and the most important question is still that ‘Who will sit on the iron throne?’ Our possible contenders are the Night King, Cersei, Dany, and Jon. There are chances that there will be no throne left if the dead conquers the living.

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