Google Launches “Contributor” — A new revenue source for your blogs

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Now bloggers will get paid on their blog for NOT showing advertisements. 

Sound funny, silly, too good to be true? 
Well, its real and its big. Google has just recently launched “Contributor” for its publishers through the Google Adsense Publisher Program.

Google Contributor

Here’s what you will read on google’s official Contributor program information page :

Contributor—A new revenue source for your sites

What is Contributor?
Contributor is a new source of revenue for your sites, funded directly by your site visitors. With Contributor, users pick a monthly contribution level (either $2, $5, or $10) and those funds are used to pay for your site—instead of ads. The result is that users see fewer ads and you still get paid.

Here’s how it works: 
when Contributor users visit a site in Google’s network, their monthly contribution is used to bid on their behalf in the ad auction—so they end up buying the ad slot rather than a traditional advertiser. The more they contribute, the fewer ads they see, and you still get paid.

Share Contributor with your visitors
Contributor unlocks a new way for users to support publishers like you—helping you thrive and focus on what you do best, creating content.
Tell your users that your site supports Contributor! Here are three ways you can help promote Contributor to your visitors:
  • Show the Contributor Badge on your site
  • Set up house ads
  • Post an announcement on your blog
We look forward to partnering with you to help you generate more revenue from your site and keep your visitors happy. Stay in touch with us and get updates about Contributor by joining the Google Group Contributor-Announcements.

Show the Contributor Badge on your site
Add a badge to your site template. The Contributor Badge tells visitors to your site that they can help fund your content through alternative means. There are three available color themes: “light,” “dark,” and “white.” The badge will adjust to fill the space you designate. (Want more options? Let us know.)
Sample badge:
How to display the badge
Add the badge tag script to your page, following the instructions below.
Instructions for displaying Contributor badge
Add the following script to your page:
<script src=”https://www.gstatic.com/xads/publisher_badge/contributor_badge.js” data-width=”88″ data-height=”31″ data-theme=”light” data-pub-name=”Your Site Name” data-pub-id=”ca-pub-00000000000″></script>
You can specify the following variables:
width // int (size in pixels)
height // int (size in pixels)
theme // string: (“light” or “dark” or “white”)
pub-name // string (max length: 16 chars)
pub-id // string (use your pub id; example: ca-pub-1234567890)
Keep in mind: the look and content of the badge may be changed by Google as we refine our messaging. Sign up for our publisher announcements to stay informed.

Set up House Ads:
You can also place house ads on your site that promote Contributor to your visitors.
How to show house ads
Instructions for showing house ads
  • Choose a specific house ad size.
  • Link your ad to the Contributor site, using the following URL: https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/?utm_source=publisher&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=your_pub_ID, where an example pub ID is ca-pub-1234567890.
If you use google adsense, then we would definitely suggest that you setup your ads for contributor. This seems to be one of those slow processes that may take a while to catch up but before you know it, just about everyone is embracing it. The fundamental DNA of advertising changes with this move by Google.
Paying a small monthly fee for an ad free experience isn’t something new. It’s been a feature used by many closed knit online community forums for decades now. The loyal readerbase, memberbase or userbase – however you call it, pays a premium to support the founders of the community by choosing the ad free experience thereby doing good karma, giving back to the community and making it an incentive for the community managers to keep doing what they are doing.
It’s a welcome move and we’ll be implementing contributor on our whole network of sites. What about you? Will you be taking the plunge?

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