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People always have an excuse before starting up with anything that’s good for them. 

You know its a great habit to get up early, take a cold shower, stretch – exercise – meditate for a while and have a king size breakfast, but you always procrastinate the good things in life.

Same goes with blogging. You will always have excuses of not knowing how to get started or how to install WordPress or how to setup your blog with plugins that will help you with content planning, SEO and social media. Now you won’t.

We are offering you with a Free WordPress Installation and Blog Setup Service. So Start Your Blog Today !

Excited? Yes ? We are too. We are removing the technology barrier that most potential newbie bloggers face and it feels amazing! 

My Personal Goal is to create 10,000 bloggers and coach them so that they earn $ 100 per day in the next 5 years.

Ask any of the freelancers to do this for you and they will charge you anywhere from 100$ to $500 to  install WordPress and plugins for you, but not us. We are giving you a WordPress Installation and Blog Setup Service ABSOLUTELY FREE ! 

Here’s what we are offering: 

  1. We will Install a WordPress Blog for you at no cost.
  2. We will also install for free a list of plugins that are important from Content writing, SEO and Social Media perspective.
  3. We will also install for free WordPress plugins which will keep your server safe and secure.
Curious to know names of all the WordPress plugins that we will install for you? We don’t want to ruin the surprise but just to tease you, here are a few :

  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Jetpack Suite
  • Akismet 
  • SumoMe
  • Backwpup 
  • ReplyME 
  • Commentluv 
  • GASP 
  • AddThis or Shareholic or  floating social buttons or any other social sharing plugin 
  • WordPress Related Post 
  • etc etc.

But Oh Wait, That’s not it!

We will not only setup your WordPress blog, but also add you to our secret Facebook group for bloggers where I coach and train people on everything that I know about blogging and making money online. Apart from my own attention, you also become part of a focused group of amazing bloggers community.

Some of you may already have a blog hosted with blogger and would want to Migrate your Blog from Blogger to WordPress. Professionals charge anywhere from 1000$ to 5000$ for this service. But do not worry, we have you covered. We will migrate your blog from Blogger platform to WordPress platform absolutely free!

Why are we doing this?

Well to be honest, the program is sponsored by some big names in the hosting industry. They are the ones who are paying me to do this. So what do you have to do? Well simply contact us and we will reply to your email with a list of hosting companies that you can choose to host with. Once you have ordered a web hosting plan, simply revert to our email with the login details. We will then install WordPress and the required plugins to help you kickstart your blog. Once that’s done, we will send you the login details for your WordPress blog and you can start blogging!

Want to speed up the process? Sign up for any of the hosting accounts with some affordable hosting companies you can choose from:

  1. BlueHost
  2. HostGator
  3. Inmotion
  4. WpEngine

Purchase hosting from our affiliate link above and contact us or email us on info@blogging.co.in and we will reply to your email and get started on setting up your blog 🙂

Once we have setup your blog and send you the access details, you can choose to change your passwords, and if you choose not to, don’t worry – I will never login to your hosting again. You have my word on it.

So here’s all that you get :

  1. WordPress Installation and Blog Setup
  2. WordPress Basic Plugin Installation
  3. SEO Optimization for your blog
  4. Security Hardening of your blog
  5. Migration from Blogger platform to WordPress Platform (if needed)
  6. Access to Exclusive Facebook Bloggers Community Group
  7. Personal Training from me to make your blog a success.
If you’re ready to start blogging right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW, all you got to do is contact us through the contact form or email us on info@blogging.co.in and We’ll get you started.

Start Your WordPress Blog – Free Installation and Blog Setup
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Free WordPress Installation and Blog Setup Service – Start Your Blog Today

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