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Blogging is a journey and an experience thats priceless. Correct? Then why do you host your blogs on free web hosts and kill that experience and screw up the whole journey?

There are several reasons why free web hosting is a strict NO for anyone who is even a little passionate about blogging.

Today we’re listing down a few reasons why you should definitely buy your own hosting as a blogger.

Your account is suspended.

That’s the most dreaded error message any blogger would ever want to see on their blog. Without any warning or intimation, your blog is just wiped off the face of the internet. Whether you have a backup or not, they won’t care. If you’ve ever experienced a breakup, imagine heart pain 100 times more and that’s exactly how you will feel when it happens to you. The reason for suspending your account could be anything. Maybe you wrote a word or line that the hosting had objection with. Maybe you used an image that was against their terms of service. Maybe they got an obscure copyright violation notice that they had to investigate. Maybe it was just an error. However, in any case your sweat and blood driven hard work is on the line. 

Almost all professional bloggers have their own domain name and their own hosting.

Restricted usage.

You can upload a file image which has a file size of only “x” mb. Your total blog size should not be over “x” gb. Want to add a cool feature to your blog? Sorry, you cannot! You’re on free hosting remember?

You possibly may not be able to put up ads on your blogs either. Why? Because you are on a free host! Just for saving up some $5 per month, you’d be facing soo many restrictions, you’d start hating the struggle that comes with it and likely give up blogging.

Advertisements all over your blog.

Some free hosts have automated algorithms to identify which blogs are successful and which ones are duds. On an artificial intelligence layer, they may automatically start showing their ads on your blogs to make money from your blog. You have no say in it because you already agreed to it in their “I agree to these terms and conditions” box. 

You didn’t really think the free hosting was really FREE, did you? Nothing in the world is free. If its free, then look again they probably are selling YOU!

Lack of support or NO Support!

You don’t really think they’d employ people to help you out with your blogs technical problems when you aren’t paying them money, do you?

There’s virtually zero support for a free hosting account and you don’t want to be stranded.

Bad Search rankings

Google knows it, so does every other search engine. If you are blogging on a free hosting which hosts several sub-standard blogs chances are, you will NEVER rank well on google search or any other search engine. No matter how well you write, you will be stuck at the lower end of the corner. Ever heard of a great artist getting recognition from a bad neighbourhood? Move out from your free house so that the world can acknowledge the great artist you are!

Slow Slow Slow blog

Believe it or not, free means substandard and for your blog it means everything done bad. Slow load times for the blog, for the image, for writing comments, broken technology, no support. Well, all things are slow!

Ah, why do you want to kill your blog and screw up your blogging journey?

We want you to succeed. Start your blogging journey for as less as $5.95/month. Just buy a hosting and we’ll setup your blog for you. 


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