Fire of Hatred

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After returning to home after office on Sunday (yes, I work on Sunday), I saw my mother watching her shows on TV. The same morning she returned from her trip to the village. I took the remote and switched to Ind V/S Pak match (Champions Trophy’17). To which she reacted very impulsively.

Fire of Hatred

“Why are you watching this match?” She said.

I thought it is a very normal reaction from a lady. But there was more to come.

She continued – “Pakistan’s soldier are attacking Indian army, we should boycott from playing against Pakistan, but no we are playing with them money. Even we should boycott watching this match. We should take a stand against Pakistan.”

I was hearing all this for too many days from some News Channels.


Now it was my turn to reply.

“What level of impact will we create from boycotting watching this match? Do our political leaders boycott those International Events because Pakistan’s leader is also attending it? No, they won’t because they are there to represent India. Similarly, these player are there to represent India in an International Championship. It is not only about money, it’s also about showing are strength in cricket. Anyway, if we Indian players boycotted playing against Pakistan, doesn’t it will provoke Pakistan to kill more Indian soldier? I mean for them it will get very simple, kill Indian soldier and India will boycott such events. So we will boycott 2019 World Cup too. Whose loss is that? At the border, we don’t fight because of politics and diplomacy, but at least here we can make them knee down before us. It’s high time to act responsively and not impulsive”

With that, I won against my mom.


Then again, late night a very famous news channel boycotted showing the news of Ind V/S Pak match, for the same reason. Isn’t the duty of news channels is to enlighten us and not to misguide us?


It’s very important to respect our soldier who is happily ready to die for us, but don’t let the hatred for Pakistan make you so blind that you won’t appreciate your cricket team achievement. That country is on the edge of destruction, it will fall. But don’t let the fire of hatred burn us first before Pakistan.




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