Feeling down? Suit Up!

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Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel lost thinking you are not reaching anywhere? When you lose the sense of being you and you don’t have confidence anymore. In adulthood, your self-esteem gets lowered easily which also means you could lift it easily as well. Here’s a tip, if you are feeling down then Suit Up! Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Confidence

The way you present yourself has a direct effect on the way you feel about yourself. A well-cut suit that fits you right away will lift your confidence. The beauty of a suit is that you can talk by rubbing the edge of your jacket or put your hands in your pockets if you are nervous and it would still look classy.

2.  Brain Chemistry

There is a proven fact about Brain Chemistry that the clothes we wear can influence how we behave and act. A study shows that doctors wearing white coats gave them an identity of being a doctor and performed more diligently in operations than those who wore casuals. Similarly wearing a suit with a mindset that it belongs to a successful person will have a direct impact on your attitude and self-confidence.

3. Attention

Wearing a suit on a non-occasional day gives you a different outlook the crowd. You get many heads up from people and you feel good about it. Suit that fits you will reduce your slouching and with that effect you will look more comfortable and confident.

4. Improves posture

A suit that fits you perfectly will help you with your posture because it gives you tendency to stand up straight and walk correctly while wearing it. This creates good impression in people you encounter about your personality and these judgements influences the way you feel about yourself.

5. Look Good, Feel Good

Suits change the way people feel about you and treat you but what’s more important is that how you feel about yourself. Make sure you are wearing a suit that fits correctly, is your colour and is comfortable. You will definitely feel much more confident about yourself, your attitudes and even your capacities when you are looking your best.

Do not forget the fact that suits play a role in how you feel about “yourself”. Don’t raise your hope up to world changing completely for you.  It’s a good practice on personal level to boost up your confidence and self-esteem. But to actually face the world you have to take a leap.

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