Feeling dejected? Follow the four daily activities to keep yourself motivated

​If you have a hard time getting things done or unwillingness to step up for your life, here are 4 daily activities that will get you back on courts. 1 min


With great power, comes great responsibilities and to attain such abilities a constant source of motivation is always required. 

If you have a hard time getting things done or unwillingness to step up for your life,harnessing motivation through your daily activities can keep you back on track.

Here are 4 daily activities that one should do to keep oneself motivated.

1. Read and Read and Read– Be it Elon musk,Warren Buffett or Mark Cuban, all have credited their success to extensive reading. 

They believe, whatever one reads, changes his thoughts and hence his actions to respond to calamities of his life. 

Morever, Reading can lead to a more cognitive and healthier lifestyle by opening us to a new realm of possibilities, expiereances and imagination. 

Reading keeps you motivated for a longer period of time; some legendary examples suggest 

It helps you to inspire your inner self, makes you believe in yourself and most importantly, creates a bridge between dreams and actuality.

2. Keep your wishlist close and to-do list closer- Maintaining a check list and scheduling your priorities can boost your confidence to a new level.

Regularly adding tasks to your bucketlist keep you active and motivated throughout the journey. Nothing works better than your bucketlist to extend the boundaries of your comfort zones and making you feel accomplished even by completing the smallest of whims. 

Keep pictures or notes of your bucketlist with you, either in your handbag or your refrigerator.

3. Meditate.Contemplate.Focus– It has been medically proven that regular meditation can recast a person to eliminate negative thinking and help the mind to focus more. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq6j9uWrcfg?wmode=opaque&w=640&h=360]

Meditation creates space for person to rejuvinate the identity and achieve the impossible.

4. Be regular at recharging your batteries– You cannot laugh at the same joke repeatedly then how can you expect to live a same set of life over years. 

Take prolonged breaks to reinvent yourself and come back being stronger and more passionate than before.

Everyone hits rock bottom in life, but a chunk of motivation can always keep you going. Eradicate the slumps of your life and inspire others through your deeds. 


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