Fashion Now A Days

In ancient times: 3 min


in ancient times:

Fashion models probably didn’t look the way they do today. There are no sources to tell us about the very first fashion show either. But one thing is for certain – clothes drew the attention of those who appreciated beauty, and beautiful pieces of clothing were owned by the most powerful individuals, they were an indication of noble desc

Through the centuries:

Art was always in the hearts of many people. It was the way to self-expression. It was the way to pass on a message to humanity. Fashion, like art, influenced the way people dressed, the way they lived, the way they interacted and to those of certain social status, fashion was of a high importance when they could afford it.


Fashion has become an art, a way of life, a way of expressing ones self. Who doesn’t pay attention to fashion these days? Whether designer, model, photographer, apparel manufacturer, clothing retailer, boutique owner or just consumer of these precious items, we can’t turn our back to the fact that everything is touched by fashion. Hippies dress a certain way, rockers – another way, gangsters – a third… yuppies, stars, policemen, athletes, prisoners, dogs (yes, dogs too) – everyone dresses with  a  style  which  gives  expression  to  their social status, their heritage, their ideas – what they are fighting against, what they hate, what they love, what they strive for. there are different forms of fashion in the whole world now days fashion is  very common in each and every person every one wants to become a model.

What does all this mean? (Some would ask)
Simple. Nowadays fashion is a fetish. Nowadays fashion is an art. But it seems we have forgotten the main purpose of all garments – to keep us warm, to protect us from bad weather, to be comfortable, to be stylish, to make us look good. On the other hand, machines flood the world with nondescript garments. Where does that leave the individual, where is the personal touch…?
So, we made an attempt to reinvent clothing and bring back all those so very important qualities. How?  
First, and most important – Fashion designer Galina Dacheva, with her flair for beauty, shape and colour, created fabulous designs, representing both classic style and high fashion. Second, we looked at all traditional ways of crafting clothes and it became evident that a hand-knitted sweater looks most beautiful and is much warmer. Knitting is an authentic handcraft where, even in the smallest detail, there isn’t a single machine stitch.

Fashion Designer Sweater Coat

Third, the designs you will see are developed over a long period of time – each knitted, and modified, and knitted over again. Some of the designs have taken years to be completed. At the design studio we brought together a team of experts who help the Designer materialize her ideas. Fourth, we looked for the best people for the job – after tests and training, we selected only those who would work with a passion, those who would put their heart and soul into their work.Fifth, we gave each item an individual number, as each one is unique, can’t be replicated and is designed to give a feeling of harmony, happiness, freedom, to distinguish from the crowd, to be a sign of individuality and character. Sixth, we created our own distinct style – the style under the trademark 'Babini kuki', which translated means 'Granny's knitting needles'…


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