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No matter how beautiful this term “relationship” is. Some people will never realize what one goes through in the process of falling in love or what it takes to love someone unconditionally. The word relationship means to give yourself both emotionally and physically to someone else. However, some people mistake it and restrict it to the physical aspect only. It is disgusting to see how a beautiful thing like love is compared to lust and losing its essence day by day. Two people spend the most beautiful time with each other and within a few months they hardly say a hi to each other. Harsh but that’s the reality of today’s relationships. Except a few couples everyone wants to have fun in the name of love.

So here are a few facts about relationships in today’s generation that you all will agree upon.

  1. RELATIONSHIPS ARE LOSING THEIR ESSENCE – These days it is very common to see people getting into relationships and breaking up the very next week/month giving out the most stupid reasons. It has become a status symbol to be in a relationship . The word commitment is nothing more than just a word. People use fake promises and lie to their partners just for the sake of maintaining this so called status symbol.

  2. TRUST ISSUES HAVE BECOME A NORMAL THING–  Finding new love all over again? People have actually lost that pureness and seriousness about love. They do not realize the number of emotions and feeling that goes into the making of a perfect relationship, and that is the only reason they have trust issues and then it comes to end. Words like double dating or having a side chick have become so usual in today’s generation.

  3. FALLING IN LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE –  Love is a beautiful thing as it makes everything else around us look beautiful. I believe nothing can beat the feeling of satisfaction that miles away there is that one person who not a family member but is concerned about you, cares for you and accepts the person you are. The feeling of being loved is something which can’t be easily put down into words. It makes you a better person because  you learn to take collective decisions, learn to share and understand.

  4. LOSING FAITH IN LOVE IS NOT THE SOLUTION – People do have bad relationships, but that doesn’t mean that one should lose trust in love. Life is a bunch of experiences with ups and downs, relationships are one of the most important parts of it. So I believe one should cherish that phase.

  5. RIGHT TIME WILL BE THE BEST TIME – This point is not so relevant,  but one should know that it is just about the right time when we find our right person and live the best days of our life by their side. So be motivated and always look towards the positive side of everything. You meet many wrong ones before you meet your right one. It’s just a lesson , life goes on.


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