Exhaustive List of FREE Twitter Tools That You Can Use To Manage Your Social Media Better

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The key to successful blogging is spending 20 percent of your time creating amazing share-worthy content and 80 percent of the time promoting it. The big 3 that dominates social media is Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Today we are going to share with you an Exhaustive List of FREE Twitter Tools That You Can Use To Manage Your Social Media Better

Let’s get straight to it.

1. Daily 140: Recent follows and favorites of 3 tweeps of your choosing

2. My Top Tweet: Top 10 list of tweets

3. SocialBro: Analytics, optimization, and more

4. Riffle: Data visualizations for any Twitter user

5. Twitonomy: Detailed analytics on users and tweets

6. Klout: Twitter scores

7. SumAll: Email reports for Twitter stats

8. SocialRank: Follower analysis to find your most awesome fans

9. Klear:

10. Bluenod: Community visualization

11. Twitter account home: The official overview of your Twitter profile

12. Social Bearing: Powerful search for tweets and profiles

13. Stats for Twitter: Beautiful iOS app to analyze yours and others’s Twitter accounts

Twitter Tools for Chats


14. Beatstrap: Team liveblogging

15. TweetChat: Twitter chat management

16. Chat Salad: A calendar of Twitter chats

17. Twubs: Twitter chat homepages

18. Nurph: Chat planning and organizing

19. TwChat: Real-time chat rooms for Twitter chats

Twitter Tools for Discovering Fresh Content and Fun Users


20. Nuzzel: Discover what your friends are reading

21. BuzzSumo: Find influencers, topic-by-topic

22. Swayy: What your followers are interested in

23. Twipho: Searchable Twitter feed of photos

24. Topsy: A search engine for social

25. Digg Deeper: The best stories from your friends

26. The Latest: A museum for the day’s best Twitter links

27. Twurly: Daily email of top Twitter links

28. Filta: Bio search all your followers

29. Hash: Top stories on Twitter

30. Brook: Customized Twitter digests of top tweets from top tweeps

Twitter Tools for Following & Unfollowing


31. Crowdfire: Powerful follower management

32. ManageFlitter: Follow/unfollow in bulk

33. Tweepi: Tidy up who you follow

34. Unfollowers: In-depth follow/unfollow

35. DoesFollow: See who follows whom

36. Commun.it: Complete follower management dashboard

37. T.U.N.S.: Twitter Unfollow Notification Service

38. Twindr: Tindr for unfollowing people (iOS)

39. Toolset.co: Twitter toolset for finding people to follow or unfollow

40. Linkreaser: Grow your following by finding accounts based on keyword

41. FollowFly: What else are Twitter users sharing?

Twitter Tools for Hashtags


42. Rite tag: Hashtag recommender

43. Hashtagify.me: Complete analytics into any hashtag

44. Seen: Hashtag-based curation

45. Tagboard: Mood boards for hashtags

Twitter Tools for Images


46. Pablo: Create beautiful social media images in 30 seconds

47. Spruce: Text over image

48. Twitshot: See & share the images from any web page

49. Share As Image: Highlight text, create image

Twitter Tools for Mentions & Monitoring


50. Warble: Alerts every time your blog posts are shared

51. Keyhole: LIke Google Alerts for Twitter

52. The One Million Tweetmap: Geolocated, real-time tweet monitoring

53. Twilert: Real-time email alerts for keywords

54. Mention: Monitor your mentions

55. MentionMapp: The web of you and those you mention

56. Twazzup: Real-time keyword monitoring

Twitter Tools for Scheduling Tweets


57. Buffer: Schedule your tweets

58. Tweet4me: Scheduled tweets via DM

Twitter Tools for Timing


59. Followerwonk: Search Twitter bios and analyze your followers

60. Tweriod: Find the best times to tweet

Twitter Tools for Trending Topics


61. Trends24: Detailed breakdowns of trending terms

62. Trendsmap: Monitoring for local Twitter trends

63. iTrended: Did it trend?

Top Twitter Clients


64. Tweetdeck: The king of Twitter clients

65. YoruFukurou – Twitter client

66. Happy Friends: Mailbox-type reader

67. Twitterific: Twitter client for iOS

Miscellaneous Twitter Tools


68. Like Explorer: See shares per article

69. Twitter Feed – Serve your feed automatically to Twitter (and others)

70. TW Birthday: Dig up the date someone joined Twitter (even if they won’t say)

71. Bio is Changed: be alerted when someone changes their Twitter bio

72. and 73. IFTTT & Zapier: Automate your tweeting

74. Be Present: Track how fast you respond on Twitter

75. SavePublishing: Tweetable snippets on any website

76. GroupTweet: Collaborate with teammates on one account

77. Storify: Beautiful Twitter storytelling

78. Tweet Topic Explorer: A word cloud per user

79. Listen to Twitter: Listen to the sentiment of tweets

80. Squall: Write more than 140 characters

81. Thunderclap: Automated advocacy

82. Periscope & Meerkat: Livestreaming

83. Twitterfav: Automatic favorites and RTs

84. Click to Tweet: Get people tweeting your content

85. Bedazzle: Rich text editor for Twitter

86. Pullquote: Grab quotes of text from any web page and share easily

87. Who Tweeted It First: Find a story’s origin

88. Little Pork Chop: Tweet storm

89. Hubbble: Favorite reminder system

90. Nudge: Reminders to engage on Twitter

91. SocialHunt: Track all activity for up to 5 tweeps

Know any more twitter tools that we haven’t covered? Comment and let us know.

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