Earn unlimited money from Facebook

Facebook research app will help you to earn unlimited money just by retaining their research app for a month!!!2 min


Facebook research program is carried out by a software testing company called Applause, they are a trusted brand. Their customers include “Google, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Uber, Disney, Nike, Adidas, CNN, Citi bank, Mastercard, Microsoft, Facebook etc”, this will be enough to show their credibility. Applause was founded on 2007, best in crowdtesting still.

Facebook research program is carried to study users internet behaviour, in return they will give away $5each month + $10 each month per referral. They carry out this research program by installing an app in our smartphone. Program is available both in iOS 8.0+ and Android 6.0+ (not in tablets, only in smartphone). A person can signup in this program only through an invitation code, which means a registered person have to refer you to join this program.

If you refer 5 or more friends within 30 days of joining this program you will get an extra $75 rather than earnings from their referral(this will vary with time, at the time when this program was started it was $100). Payment is carried out by paypal( same like paytm, easy sign up), 15th of every month. There is no limit for earning, you can refer as much as friends you like and earn much.

Within seconds from referral(only you have to give name, email address and gender to get referral) you will get an email from the research panel, which include name of person invited you to this program and a “click here” link to join the program. By clicking the sign up link you will be redirected to applause website, in that you have to enter your name, email, dob, gender, paypal address(to receive payment, can be different from signup email address). After clicking submit button you will receive another email with link to install app and a unique invitation code. Then you have to download and install the application from the given link, after installing enter the unique installation code, then follow the instruction that will come up on the screen. On completing the process your connection will go to VPN connection(in mi phones auto start up permission is to be manually granted). After successful installation you will get another mail showing your successful installation(will take sometime)

Note: In order to receive payment the app should works at least 6–7 hours a day for 20 days. You need not have to do anything in this application. only installing this application is enough to earn.

Note: From 15th August 2018 onwards research program is closed for Indian male android users between 18–35 age, because of enough responses from the above mentioned group of people’s(restrictions haven’t yet introduced for ios users). Anyway you can join the program either by changing your gender or your dob to the appropriate(not falling under 18–35 male using android). At anytime researchers many introduce more restrictions for gender and age, sign up as soon as possible or you may not be able to get rewarded.

I can refer those people who wish to join this program through my invitation, i’m attaching a google form link below you only have to fill your name, email id and gender:



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