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If any of you have grandmas at home, then you know that they have a remedy for virtually any health issue. She may blame your cell phone addiction as the primary cause of all your problems, but when she gets over it, she whips up some amazing (yucky tasting) dish that cures you almost instantly.

Here are some of the personally tried and tested recipes that are sure to cure your ailments.



Tulsi can be found in almost any Hindu-Brahmins’ house and is considered sacred. This leaf has great medicinal value and is used to cure a long list of ailments and disorders.

The most common recipe is Tulsi juice, that is squeezed out of the leaves and mixed with honey to reduce bitterness. This helps cure cough and phlegm collection. This can also be consumed in the form of a powder; where the leaves are dried, powdered and mixed with other powders such as cinnamon. This powder is also rumoured to help with digestion but it isn’t its primary function.


Carom has long been known for its digestive properties. Carom water, which is nothing but carom seeds boiled in water treats stomach issues such as acidity and indigestion. It also keeps your stomach strong, which is probably why your grandmother insists on putting it in your food. It’s also used to treat common cold because it helps in throwing out mucus from the body


This bitter little seed is known for its digestive properties but it also has another little secret. This may not be a popular fact but methi seeds provide immediate relief for menstrual cramps. All that you ladies have to do is take a teaspoon of methi and swallow it with a teaspoon of curd early in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s just like swallowing a tablet with water; the curd helps you swallow the bitter seeds easily without having to chew them. A must try remedy the next time your cycle makes you lose your will to live.


This is the most natural form of antibiotic available at home. The recommended form of turmeric consumption would be with warm milk at night. This rectifies common cold by reducing mucus creation and increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory compound and can be applied on acnes and pimples by mixing it with a cream or sandalwood oil.

BONUS: If you’ve had heavy or spicy food and you’re worried about the repercussions next morning, eat something called Amla Pachak. It is basically dried amla that has been marinated in salt and some other spices and is a good aid for digestion. You can also try candied Amla which the sweet version. They’re available in shops.


Shout out to all the Grandma’s everywhere who spoil us relentlessly but take care of us as well.


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