Do not know how to keep your toddler busy… here are a few tips for you

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Engaging a toddler in something else while you can finish you tasks is always a challenge. They get bored easily and then cling to you while you try to complete your unfinished tasks. Its always challenging as parents to think about different ways to keep your kids productively occupied. This results in frustration and ultimately kids ending up before the monster screens. To avoid screen time and to keep kids entertained along with them learning something here are some activities you can do with your kids.

  1. Play with Building Blocks: Building blocks help develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Toddlers can stack, sort, and build with them. This helps them creatively and functions their brain to imagine. You can role play and say that they are architectures and have to design a whole town. This will keep up their interest.
  2. Arts and Crafts: Finger painting, coloring, and simple craft projects allow toddlers to express their creativity and improve hand-eye coordination. Many kids have shown great progress after introducing them with colors and art they were able to express them more clearly through drawings.
  3. Read Together: Reading books together not only promotes language development but also fosters a love for reading. Choose colorful, age-appropriate books. Reading will help improve their vocabulary and bring the budding writers in them out.
  4. Outdoor Play: Outdoor activities like playing at the park, going for a nature walk, or simply running around the backyard help toddlers expend energy and explore the world around them. It also helps them stay fit. Morning walks with their grandparents or parents helps in gaining vitamin D. It also helps their social skills as the meet other kids and play with them.
  5. Sensory Play: Activities involving sensory experiences like playing with sand, water, or playdough stimulate a toddler’s senses and creativity.
  6. Pretend Play: Encourage imaginative play with toys like dolls, action figures, or play kitchens. Join in the role-playing fun to enhance their creativity.
  7. Music and Dance: Toddlers love music and dancing. Play music, sing songs, and dance together. You can also introduce simple musical instruments like shakers or drums. Music has stress relieving capacity which is much needed to a kindergartner.
  8. Nature Exploration: Take nature walks and explore the outdoors. Let your toddler observe flowers, leaves, insects, and animals. It’s a great way to teach them about the environment. A responsible citizen always takes care of their environment. This will help them respect the nature and hence protect it.
  9. Puzzles and Games: Age-appropriate puzzles and games that involve matching shapes, colors, or simple counting can be both entertaining and educational.
  10. Cook or Bake Together: Involve your toddler in simple cooking or baking activities. They can help mix, pour, and decorate, which also teaches them basic kitchen skills. Give them small responsibilities it will help them to appreciate you and efforts you make to prepare a meal. It will also reduce food tantrums.

Remember to keep safety in mind when selecting activities and ensure that the activities are appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage. Also, be patient and flexible, as toddlers may have short attention spans and varying interests, so it’s essential to adapt activities based on their preferences.

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