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…I love the movie Dead Poets Society very much in which Robin Williams said about living life and not regretting but then I think how can a person talking about “sucking the marrow” out of life can commit suicide even Chester Benington too. 

Neither Robin Williams nor Chester Benington is the reason why I am writing this. Why I am writing this carry a reason much brighter than the eyes can see. The reason is depression. How would you describe what having depression feels like? What advice would you give to a person who is suffering. Well I know!! The most given advice is “if you ever want to talk I’m always here” but have you ever felt what its like wanting to end your life every single day yet holding onto it. Waking up every day wanting it to be different and less suffering. Days are not what kill you it’s the nights, there is something about nights, I don’t know if its psychological or what, nights make you hollow every time. When rest of the world is asleep you are there not able to sleep, tears rolling down your cheeks, you want to scream at that particular hoping that it would get better but it doesn’t it gets worse. It feels someone has penetrated a needle through your and you could feel it passing and tearing through you tissues. Somehow you pass the night and comes the day you  try to blend in with people but each time you fail so you want to run to your house and lock yourself up, it becomes a labyrinth from which there is no escape. .


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