Decorate and Garnish your Cakes with Basil Leaves!

Whoever said desserts such as cakes, ice-creams and more are always too sweet and have only one flavor profile 2 min


Whoever said desserts such as cakes, ice-creams and more are always too sweet and have only one flavor profile and dimension, definitely has not tried adding dry fruits, nuts, spices and condiments and leaves like basil and thyme to give it an exotic out of the world taste and a multi-dimensional flavor profile! 

Contemporary desserts are far better as compared to traditional desserts in terms of the flavor profile, texture, and aroma. Due to the use of a unique blend and amalgamation of a wide variety of ingredients, the flavor profile of desserts have changed for the better.

 Earlier the major dominant flavor profile in desserts was too sweet but recently ingredients such as various kinds of dry fruits and nuts are being added to give the taste a nutty and crunchy and a little salty flavor. Texture, spices and condiments are added to make it less sweet so that people who do not like eating excess sweet and sugar can still enjoy a good cake and other desserts.  Spices and condiments such as various types of teas, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, coffee and more when added to the cakes and other desserts makes them less on the sweeter side and more on a fresher perspective in terms of taste as well as aroma. 

Adding basil leaves is also a fantastic idea to add a little bit of green to your cakes and other desserts. It not only tones down the sweetness of the cake but also makes it more healthy and beneficial to your health. Basil leaves are majorly used in teas to make the most of its medicinal properties but by adding them to your cake and other desserts, you can make them healthier as well as add a unique flavor and aroma. Basil leaves not only enhances the taste of your cakes and other desserts but also makes it full of health benefits. 

The major medicinal properties and health benefits of basil leaves are as follows:

  • Consuming basil leaves in cakes, smoothies and other dishes ensures your brain remains healthy and does not deteriorate with age. 
  • People who suffer from Arthritis and other various sorts of muscles, joints and nerve disorders can improve their health condition by incorporating basil leaves in their everyday diet.
  • Basil leaves are an awesome and effective way to manage stress and anxiety. Chewing on a basil leaf when you are feeling anxious and stressful can make you feel calm and composed. 
  • Basil leaves also have amazing anti-ageing properties which make you look younger and youthful for a longer period of time. You skin remains soft, elastic and retains its brightness and shine. 
  • If you want to ensure that your bones remains strong, eat basil leaves. Your bone density will improve and prevent frequent fractures or bone breakage. 
  • Basil leaves are also added to cakes, smoothies and other desserts because they are an effective way to aid metabolism. You will be able to digest your food faster and more easily.
  • If you want to ensure that you remain active and fit and do not get tired easily, eat basil leaves since they are an awesome and great source of energy. Whenever you are feeling tired, and exhausted and even restless, chewing on basil leaves or eating any dish that contains basil leaves will definitely help you. 


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