Colours of life

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I hate ripples she exclaimed

If you tend to fill this empty vessel of mine even with a few droplets of expectation ,have the courage to meet up to that,do not create mere ripples or let's be on a safe boat live and let live,ok done finally I had drafted what I had to say infront of him to get out of this whole mess ,to get out of this syndrome attack of expectation forever.Dear readers you know what's worse than a breakup it when you decided to paint your life like a mosaic but then people you know ,people have driven you to a stage where you are ready to settle for a hue.It was 9 A.M in the morning an 18 year old was finally accepted to be an adult by our Bong family and was allowed to travel alone for the very first time ,out from my own delicate world sealed in a nut it was that one chance for me to experience all that life had planned for me ,I knew it had two faces like the coin ,devil as termed sometimes adopt chaste while the angelic side could rest for wickedness ,I knew it's situations that make the change.,life every indian family the budding lawyer to be was accompanied by the whole family to the station,it all seemed to be over dramatic to me until the train had set for aligarh university and they had tears in eyes this was one point I missed ,I missed them hard however soon I could find myself much involved in the journey ,nature was a bliss in disguise and for now a gem to my eye when soon a tall blonde headed boy stood near me "you are setting on my seat" oh! in that rude voice he exclaimed.Excuse me please check your ticket !I never make mistakes ,I tried to be even more rude ,it was all resolved when finally after 25 minutes he put aside his ego and glanced the ticket,sitting near me all that he did was to stare me since a very long time, I kept on noticing what ? trying to maintain an eye contact I  said ,why are you staring?

I could see him feel embarased," You looked like  my sister he said in a very low tone","she is no more",I felt sorry I could understand the pain .7 hours of journey had built a connection between us ,we exchanged numbers ,Aligarh had finally arrived it was time for me leave,"hey! wait he murmered ,what? I asked ,a blue bindi would suit you more ,I blused as I got down the station ,i could see him waving at me ,I ll call you I shouted suddenly,it was as if I had lost control of my mind,now you get what I meant I was ready to be trapped into the web of love and expectation.



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