Chai special: This winter head to these 5 places in delhi for a memorable sip

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Coats adorn our cupboards. Chilly winds caress our body. The stress to layer has consumed us. Hugging the covers brings the best relief. Showering has become an arduous task. Foggy mornings are an inescapable part..

Winter is at Delhi’s doorstep.

A large part of the population cannot stand the weather and legit hate winters, except the chai-lovers. Winter is that time of the year where sipping a hot cup of tea is a divine experience for the chai-lovers in every sense of the word. To their benefit, Delhi is flooded with a lot of stalls and cafes.

If tea is the undefeatable winner when it comes to picking your favourite beverage, here are five places to visit this winter to satiate the chai-lover in you:



With interiors that are bathed in hues of green and yellow, Chaayos offers an amazing place to experiment with myriad varieties of tea. They blend your normal chai in a downright genius way and the end result is one, amazingly brewed cup of tea. Gur Wali Chai, God’s Chai, Sulemani Nimbu Chai, Cutting Chai, Aam Papad Chai are some of the teas that they serve here. It has multiple outlets across Delhi.


Housing in the lanes of Old Delhi for over 60 years now, Firdaus Mithai Shop serves the traditional masala chai with cardamom and insane amounts of milk as the ingredients that they swear by.



This café in Connaught Place boasts of a menu that delights the taste buds of every visitor. It serves more than 150 varieties of tea not only from India but also from Nepal and China. They have tea mocktails, iced teas, ayurvedic teas, exotic specialties from around the globe, flavoured teas, fruit and diet teas to name a few. The café is adorned with a wide range of books which is an incredible add-on to a satisfying experience.


One of the most happening places in Hauz Khas Village, Kunzum Café is better known for its pay as you wish policy. Although it has a rather small menu, it serves amazing tea which has added to its popularity. Assam Tea is deemed a favourite, but you can also try Ginger Tea, Masala Tea, Green Tea etc. They also serve cookies which make the experience of sipping hot tea in a beautiful environment all the more enjoyable. Additionally, the café gives you an adorable opportunity to make a travel wish and pin it on their board.


Brewing tea since 1954, Mittal Teas serve tea which is “certified, authentic, and straight from the garden”. The place is a sensory delight: The tea boxes lined up on the shelves beautify the place, the teas taste heavenly, and the place smells incredible. Darjeeling White Tea, Mango Tea, Assam Black Gold, Chocolate Truffle Green Tea are some of the teas that they sell out of the huge variety. Look out for their Tea of The Month.

Cherry on the top: The owner lets you taste the teas before you buy.

So chai lovers, visit these places whenever you get time. After all, in the end we only regret the chais we didn’t drink.  

Happy Sipping!

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