Bloggers, You Won’t Make Money With Google Adsense

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Now that’s a controversial title, Yeah? How do we at blogging.co.in say one thing and do the other? We have slapped Adsense Ads on our site too. Why would we say – Bloggers, You Won’t Make Money With Google Adsense?

You know a decade back, in 2004 through 2011 things were different. You had people like Jeremy ShoeMaker flash their Adsense earnings and get a huge high from it.

Here’s a screenshot that ShoeMoney blog had put up way back in the year 2005.

Google Adsense Check

That make you envious? It’s not uncommon. A lot of bloggers took to it and build blogs which attracted massive traffic since there were only so many websites those days and yet a lot of people searching on Google.

The other day, a blogger hired me for consulting her on her blog monetisation strategy. The first question I asked was, how much traffic are you getting?. Her eyes sparkled and she told me she was getting over 200,000 unique visitors per month with about half a million page views. Fantastic Isn’t it? A lot of our readers would kill for that kind of visitors.

The second question I asked was. What’s your average monthly revenue and what is your revenue source? I could see the sparkle in her eye fade away. I could see she was sad and shy to answer that question. With a heavy heart she answered : $300 with Google Adsense.

I was astonished at the wasted potential and I helped her with alternative revenue options that make probably 10x more than what she would make with Google Adsense slapped on her site.

The fundamental fact for Google Adsense to work for you is pretty simple, you need to have truck loads of traffic. If you don’t you are not going to make any money.

A few years ago, the number of sites available for information were not as many as you see today. People have a lot of choices. They spent the majority of their internet time on Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Pinterest, Gmail etc. You’re just not going to get as many visitors as before. The competition won’t allow it.

Today things have changed. You’d be a blogger with far lesser page views but very high quality content and readers and the total amount of visitors to your site does not matter as much to brands. As long as its targeted, brands are happy to pay you handsomely or pamper you with FAM trips, product samples etc.

When you slap Google Adsense ads on your blog, you let your readers leave your site for a few pennies. The person who is advertising on your site, has something to sell and your reader is his customer. Why would you lose your reader to an unknown product for a few pennies?

Did you really create all that valuable content so that you can send your readers to other sites who pay you cents?

Google Adsense is great for magazines and newspapers and media sites which have gazillion users. For these media houses, Adsense is just another simple and effective way to earn money. How else would they have made money when their news is free?

So why are we using it on our blog? Because we feel there’s a country of bloggers and we are going to be the media house for it. We’re going to rake in page-views in millions because we help, train, mentor and do what’s best for our blogger friends.

However, Bloggers! Google Adsense – It’s not for personal blogs.

Bloggers, if you really want to make money, read our earlier blogpost to How to Make Money blogging and start executing.

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Google has launched “Contributor” — A new revenue source for your blogs . Maybe you should give it a try?

You can always ask your questions in comments or if you can afford it, enquire about a personal one on one consultation to get your blog in shape.

Start Hustling, Start Jugaading!

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