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In today’s busy life we hardly think of giving time to our body no matter we are very much aware of the fact that how important it is to be fit and remain healthy. We easily take a toll on our body even after listening to all good things about how exercising and yoga can help us in being fit both physically and mentally.

So here are 4 simple yet important reasons why you should take out  some time from your busy schedule to exercise:

1. Improves breathing

Exercise can help in  strengthening the muscles that helps our body to improve our breathing. With aging breathing problems are natural but if we do certain exercises one can improve their breathing problems and fight them.

2. Improves mood

Stress and depression have become a major issue with people these days.
But exercising on a daily basis can help to get rid of this stress and help in improving our mood.

3. Boosts your energy

Exercising is a natural energy booster. As it helps our body in functioning more efficiently and thus, you have got more oxygen to fuel your body cells.

4. Feels like fun

Once we begin exercising on a regular basis and tend to feel changes in our body we start enjoying it . It is important to find the right exercise that fits our personality and help us in feeling more motivated . Once we find it, we enjoy it even more and exercising becomes a friend for life.

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