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Beauty is something we all crave for. We all try to make ourselves look our best no matter how it costs us. Sometimes our obsession with beauty costs us a fortune. We are willing to follow the toughest routines, eat the healthiest food and spend our hard-earned dimes just to look beautiful.

If you think that you spend a lot on your makeup and skincare products, probably you are wrong. We have a list of the most expensive beauty products available just to make you feel better.


  1. Theodent

We all want shining white crystal teeth to give us a perfect smile. We bring you Theodent, the toothpaste that is a blend of minerals and brand’s proprietary ingredient Rennou i.e. a fluoride alternative found in cocoa beans. This great-sounding toothpaste will only cost you a whooping amount of 5,800.

  1. Beauty Mascara

We all know that it is very hard to get our eyelashes to look perfect. H. Couture has brought you a mascara with a tube made of gold along with Swarovski crystals and blue diamonds as well. This tiny mascara tube has 18K gold and the cost of having the perfect eyelashes will cost you about 14 million dollars. But don’t worry, you surely can get a refill which is quite cool.

  1. Gold Nail Polish

Models Own is known for its high-quality products and is insanely popular for its nail polishes. Earlier its nail polish prices were quite affordable but it decided to design a nail polish that was made of pure gold. This nail polish was set inside a bottle that’s top cover was coated with real diamonds. This gold polish will just cost you about $130,740.

  1. Diamond Immersed Eye Cream

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Forever Flawless has proven this statement true by using diamond powder in all of their skincare products. Its brand slogan is “Where Luxury and Skin Care Meet”, and by luxury they actually mean diamonds. They launched an eye cream that is entirely made of diamonds powder that ensures healthier and younger looking skin. This cream costs $399 and for effective results, it must be used with a serum that will cost you another $399.

  1. Gold and Diamond Lipstick

‘Guerlain’ is one of the most popular and expensive French brands in the world. Its KissKiss lipstick that has its tube made out of real gold and diamonds. Guerlain is a brand that always finds a way to stand out amongst the crowd. This lipstick is priced at an amount of approximately $62,000. You need to be completely out of your mind to purchase a lipstick like that.



After hearing the prices of these products, suddenly the phrase, “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder” sounds very convincing.


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