When we talk of introspection, the thing that strikes our mind is analysis, considering deep but what does that actually mean? 1 min

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Change Starts from just a thought

When we talk of introspection, the thing that strikes our mind is analysis, considering deep but what does that actually mean? What is the necessity of introspection when you can just go with the flow? There is one thing called accepting life as it is and then there is “LIVING”. Well, this is where introspection comes into play. This is where life begins.

A silent night, cup of coffee and a warm blanket is what might induce in you a will to think, to introspect, and to change. Change starts from just a thought. When you start analyzing your actions and your thoughts, it gets less hazy and you can hear changes treading. Everyone in every corner of the world will just give a second thought to his actions at some point of his life and this is what introspection is in simple arguments. Introspection is quite a natural feature of every human.

When you introspect, you may end up feeling upright or really depraved but in the end you may take a stride towards something immense happening.  These moments of introspection are your moments and no one can steal them from you. It’s about your thoughts, your inner peace and just knowing that you love yourself more than anyone. If this doesn’t happen and you realize that you may have done something immoral, don’t feel bad; just accept that you are not here to reach the level of precision. You will cultivate gradually if you make introspection a daily routine and this routine will soon become a habit difficult to leave.

For my part, I have many moments when I just can’t find peace but then just having a flashback of some happenings, some good feelings, some plans and some small changes makes it all fine. This is the best therapy to feel energized immediately and this is what it is all about. It’s about channeling your thoughts and feeling good about yourself. I used to wonder where all these people get so much positivity from but now, I know. Until I started practicing introspection, I could not know this. It won’t come over by someone else’s saying. It comes by your effort and by your channeling. No one can help you out making changes in your life, they can just give their views but you are the one to make changes. People may speak different, but then comes introspection where you think and choose for yourself. This makes you stronger and independent. You become delighted and full of energy.

Introspection is a walk, a never ending walk where you walk alone amidst your thoughts and it is a walk that never ends. Don’t be scared to walk on this path alone because this journey is beautiful than the destination. 

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Arushi Singla

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