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When was the last time you laughed like a small tot? When was the last time you were at peace? When was the last time you were cheerful all the time? For most of us, it ended with our childhood. Why it so ended? Why we grew up?

Childhood was when your parents were the only reality. Childhood was when you fought with your siblings and got them punished. Remember the time when playing outside was all we wanted and those days when exams seemed all cool? Just think of the times when you wanted to plan trips with your family and always sleep in your mom’s lap. How many times you have waited with those anxious eyes when your dad returned from a trip or from work? The way you used to mock your sibling that he is adopted and you are the favorite kid. Has it ever happened that you dint apologize for the mistakes you did? Were you too busy judging people then? Were the cartoons not an important part of life? How has it all changed? And why? Who wants the changes? The happiness and the inner child are lost somewhere.

I remember when family talks essentially had amusement and not arguments. And how our parents were proud of us? The families are still the same; the fact is along with growing age, the gap amplified as well. I doubt how many of us converse our matters with our family now, be it health or academics or any xyz problem. We don’t want to trouble them; we want to fake that yes we are doing fine when inside we are dying. That’s the thing about being an adult, we learn to fake. We learn to be what others want us to be. Have you ever seen a child agreeing to what you want? Or for that matter did you ever agree to other’s points. You always had a unique choice, unique identity and that’s how life changed.

What is to be blamed for the lost childhood? Our ego? Our generation gap? Or simply, US?

Yes, we are responsible. No one asked us to be fake or stop conferring with our family. It was our choice that we moved away. It was our choice to consider ourselves big enough. When I think of the childhood days, I realize how jolly I used to be and now what is left? I wish those days could come back. But then, it’s in my hands. Can I not recreate those days? Yes I can and it needs to be done. That’s the thing about being a child, that child remains within you forever, you just have to help him get alive again…


Keep smiling


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1 share, 103 points
Arushi Singla

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