Moving from wordpress.com to your own Self Hosted WordPress blog

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Moving your blog from WordPress.com seems like a huge hurdle to a lot of  bloggers who love writing and blogging but want to distance themselves from the technical aspects of it.

Today we’re going to show you how you can migrate your WordPress.com Blog to your own self hosted wordpress.org blog in 9 steps.

  1. Hosting: Obtain WordPress hosting, with a provider such as Bluehost or Interserver or our free subdomain blog hosting
  2. Theme Set-Up : Choose a theme for your new site, and set up your widgets, plugins, and other appearance-related aspects.
  3. Export the content from your old site. Export Content
  4. Import the content into your new site. Import Content
  5. Move your domain to your new site. Move Domain
  6. Connect the Jetpack plugin on your new site, and move your subscribers over.Install Jetpack (Optional)
  7. Set your old site to private or delete it. Privatize Old Site
  8. Learn where to get support for your new site. Get Support
  9. Start Blogging!

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