7 TV shows to show-off your ‘Pride’

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2017 was the year of pride. No year has seen a greater burgeoning acceptance of those belonging to the LGBTQ (are there more letters?) community, with an ever-increasing amount of representation by such celebrities on media platforms and world stages. No medium has embraced it more than television, with ‘the gay agenda’ becoming a commonality on modern TV. Keeping that spirit in mind, here are the seven shows to catch if you’re part of the LGBTQ community or just want to show your love for them:

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race:

The show that brought the name ‘RuPaul’ to households everywhere, the reality competition show involves new men coming in every season to compete with each other – as drag queens. The show has pushed the boundaries of what people see as conventional gender norms and how drag isn’t just about being a man dressed up as a woman. For gay men everywhere, it gives them a chance to embrace their femininity and stare at some good-looking men. The second category also applies to females. For everyone else, the show is just way too funny to miss out on!



2. Modern Family

It literally says it in the name – welcome to TV’s most modern family. By having two of its lead characters as gay men in a loving marriage, the show often confronts issues regarding acceptance of homosexuality in society, particularly by family, since it’s just so easy for others to judge. The contrast of having a conservative patriarch trying to bond with his gayer-than-pink son-in-law makes for a great bunch of laughs and many poignant moments. It kind of makes you want to wish you could be a part of their family (I’ve already sent in my adoption letter).



3. The L Word

 One more show that hits you right on the nose with its name, this show basically revolves around the lives of a group of female friends. The only difference is, they’re all lesbians (Yes, that’s what ‘L’ means). While this isn’t one entry to shy away from controversy, one could applaud it for being so out-there and brazen with its approach to female sexuality. The main point of this show is to bring lesbianism to a mainstream public and to particularly tarnish all the stereotypes that exist about them. Be sure to catch this one if you could use a bit of a break for guys, and live vicariously!



4. Transparent

This show is one of the more progressive ones to come out of modern television. The comedy-drama revolves around Mort Pfefferman, a man whose family has recently discovered that he is now living as Maura Pfefferman, a transgender woman. While the show addresses the routine issues of accepting transsexuals in society and families, it tackles it with a hefty amount of comedy and gravitas, being able to bring transsexuality to a wider audience. Not only that, it is also one of the most critically acclaimed shows of the year, with Jeffrey Tambor having won multiple awards for his portrayal.



5. Glee

The music of pride has never sounded more empowering. ‘Glee’ has been one of the most open shows on television about teenagers accepting their sexuality. The show has had its fair share of moments where other characters haven’t been so accepting of homosexuality, which, in other words, means abuse and bullying. But with two of the central couples in the show being homosexual young adults (both gay and lesbian), it is one of the more welcoming shows for members of the LGBTQ community.



6. Will and Grace

Another TV sitcom with a gay character as one of the leads, this show revolves around the lives of the homosexual Will who lives with his female best friend Grace. One of the earliest TV renditions of same-sex relationships has had multiple gay characters pop up throughout the entirety of the show, mostly as one-off romantic ‘conquests’. The pure comedy and gag-worthy aspect deviate from any discomfort or anxiety the gay could’ve caused, making it a unique spin on the concept, where being gay isn’t noteworthy, it’s just plain normal.



7. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Yes, it’s not exactly the first (or second, third, fourth or fifth) show someone would think of when thinking about those supporting the LGBTQ community. But none of them paved the way for the others as much as this one did. The iconic 90s sitcom brought the concept of love and relationships to the general masses and was able to obliterate any biases one might have towards who was at the receiving end of it. The show has constantly shown that it isn’t afraid to associate with same-sex relationships or anything of the sort, emphasized greatly by one of the episodes revolving around a lesbian wedding. The sitcom has categorically tried to make it clear that being gay or a lesbian is never a bad thing. And that’s just one more thing we don’t give ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ credit for.


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