7 Tricks To Staying On-Topic For SEO Strength

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SEO is all about content and a great piece of content always stays on-topic. Caught between your SEO obligations and the need to write something that people are going to engage with, it can sometimes be difficult to actually stay on-topic.

This article is going to show you some of the ways in which you can stay on-topic and keep your SEO campaign running.

  1. What’s the Point?

To start with, writing for SEO should be about one ultimate goal. Each piece of content should have a firm end point relating to what you want to accomplish.

Write this down before you write a single word of that blog or article. This will ensure that you don’t veer off into something else.

2. What Do Your Customers Want? 

Google, in the form of Matt Cutts, has said many times that it doesn’t want people to write for them. They want you to write for your target market.

Figure out what your target audience actually wants to hear about by asking them. Get some feedback either through email lists or through personal messaging.

3. What’s Popular on Social Media?

Social media is the leading example of popularity. So it makes sense that you should go to social media to find out what’s popular.

There are plenty of third-party tools that can help you to find out what’s trending. They can find out what your competitors are doing and which pieces of content perform best.

4. What Do You Want to Accomplish?

SEO is far from just ranking high. Ranking high is a consequence of a winning SEO campaign not a goal.

A goal of an SEO campaign can be to bring in more traffic, get more engagement, or to get directly to more conversions. The type of content you produce will depend entirely on what you eventually want to accomplish.

And this is bound to change all the time.

5. How Will You Segment Your Topics?

The biggest reason why people tend to go off-topic is because they are trying to tackle too much at once. Segmenting your content and concentrating on specific niches is the best option available to you.

The reason why it works so well is because Google search results are getting more specific and more accurate.

To get a better ranking, you often have to segment your topics.

6. Do You Know What’s Going on Right Now?

Changes brought to the world of SEO have meant that the way content is written has been altered. You have to be able to keep up with the changes brought by the world of SEO. If you can’t, what you’re writing about won’t be relevant and you’ll have trouble maintaining your rank.

In extreme cases, failing to keep up with the changes brought by SEO could lead to Google penalizing your website, which will lead to a large drop in traffic.

7. Is this Providing Value?

To sum everything up, SEO is all about providing value. Without value, your content is pointless. It may lead to you fulfilling all the criteria of content put in place by Google, but without engagement there’s only so much progress you can make.

The search results you see in the number one spots happen because people are engaging with that content. The only way to get engagement is to provide value.

But how do you know whether you’re providing value?

You have to monitor engagement levels in the long-term. Confirm that you’re writing what your clients want to hear about and make sure that you’re providing a call to action to engage in the first place.

What do you think is the best trick to staying on-topic for SEO strength?

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