7 Timeless Methods Black Hat Bloggers Use To Make Money Online

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Today we are sharing 7 Timeless Methods that black hat bloggers use to make money online.

Digital Marketeers are fascinated by the black hat world and love to learn new black hat methods. Most of us like to read on them just so we can learn about the psychology of it and implement it in white hat or grey hat ways and make money from it.

We are sharing them here for educational purpose only. We are strongly against you using these methods as is.

Method 1.] Classified sites method.

Step 1.) Register on classified sites. 
Step 2.) Research for the most searched and best selling items.
Step 3.) Create listings on all classified sites and put them for sale at ridiculously low price.
Step 4.) When you get inquiries, redirect them to your eBay affiliate link 
Step 5.) Enjoy affiliate commissions for sales and new eBay member signups

Method 2.] e-book method.

Step 1.) Create a very short 2 page eBook about a *desperate category 

( *online dating, *make quick money, *health etc) 

Step 2.) Insert affiliate links in the PDF

Step 3.) Select an awesome title for the eBook which shows authority and value for it. ex : 3500 $ Secret to loose 50 kg weight in 10 days. 

Step 4.) Publish eBook in all doc sharing sites, forums, p2p file sharing sites etc.

Step 5.) Sit back and enjoy the money

Method 3.] Google News and SEO method

Step 1.) Go to google news site and search for the keyword “announced”

Step 2.) Find some product that was recently announced. ( not launched but announced to be launched at a later date )

Step 3.) Build a website with 10 – 15 articles about the keyword

Step 4.) Build links to make it rank on no.1 position

Step 5.) When the product is launched in the market, add product reviews with rich snippet format

Step 6.) Insert affiliate link for the product keyword

Step 7.) Sit back and enjoy the money

Method 4.] YouTube comments, conversations and a landing page.

Step 1.) Search google for celebrities with huge follower ship and search volume

Step 2.) Go to the first YouTube video that shows up in search results and comment something nasty about it. Ex. How xxx got pwned by yyy 

Step 3.) Create some fake accounts and use them to comment on your previous comment asking questions to your comment on that profile page.

Step 4.) From one of the fake accounts, link your landing page.

Step 5.) Create positive comments from your fake accounts to the comment which has the landing page on YouTube. Something like “I just saw it, its awesome. LOL ! ROFL !

Step 6.) Cover up your landing page with an offer as a content locker. 

Step 7.) Enjoy the monies !

Method 5.] Tweet Affiliate links and coupon codes.

Step 1.) Create a twitter account
Step 2.) Hire data entry operators who will find coupon codes for all high value products
Step 3.) Tweet about them with hashtags etc and make it compelling.
Step 4.) Create blog posts from these tweets. 
Step 5.) Enjoy affiliate commission. 

Method 6.] Google Alerts and review blog

Step 1.) Research for high value keywords for affiliate links (example. weight loss)
Step 2.) Build a review blog around it with 20 – 50 articles
Step 3.) Create google alerts for relevant keywords. At least 100 results a day
Step 4.) Comment on those url’s to build back link authority
Step 5.) Let it rank well and make affiliate money.

PS : To rank well for keywords, you may want to use SEOProfiler and Mass Planner.

Method 7.] E-whoring

Step 1.) Create fake twitter account with attractive DP
Step 2.) Use hoot suite to schedule blonde tweets with hashtags
Step 3.) Use a fiver or something to get you tons of followers.
Step 4.) When guys PM you, make them a CPA offer via Direct Message and make money. 

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