7 Things you will relate to if you are an Introvert

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Introverts face a lot of judgements than any other people. Only an introvert can understand how fulfilling being alone is than being with people. People always assume that being alone and being lonely comes together like shampoo and conditioner and you know that’s not the truth. Here are 5 things you’ll relate to if you are a content introvert:

1.   Table for one? Yes, please!

You enjoy eating alone by being carefree about others judgements. You are not ashamed of answering questions like “did you eat alone?”, “You went to a movie by yourself?” It is a part of you to enjoy doing things alone and you are happy about it.

 2. Your definition of hot dates is different

“So any Saturday night plans?”

“Yes I have a hot date with my cup of coffee and we are going to watch our favourite TV series and read a book.”

3. Your travel companions aren’t living things

Travelling alone is always fun for you. Not to care about other’s schedule, budget or convenience. Your travel companions include things like book and pen, novel, headphones, camera etc.

4. Fashion ain’t your thing

You don’t walk with fashion trends. You don’t like to be sharply dressed or care about looking good. You choose clothes which are comfortable and you hold on to it as long as you can. An old t-shirt is more precious to you than a new tux.

5. The best feeling

The best feeling to you is not when someone compliments you or someone has feelings for you. The best feeling to you is when you have no one to talk to or talk about. You are happier when you are not accumulated in someone’s thoughts or thoughts of someone.

6.  You are not even sorry

People may have diplomatic thoughts about introverts. You know they judge you when you are alone while watching a film or reading a book in café or eating in the restaurant but the truth is you don’t care about them. You are just acquainted with the sense of being you.

7. You never feel lost

Being an introvert is a challenge. It may not fit in societal extroversion norm but it is a way of life for you. If you are a content introvert being with people is not hard as well because you respect their way of living the way you expect them to respect yours. It’s a good life.

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