7 simple tips to talk to strangers

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Let’s start with a comparison, think of this world as a library. What compares to the books in the library now? We people do, as said very often, we are open books. Every person around here is a book which contains many chapters, pages, telling us about their lives.

Now, what do you do when a book interests you? You pick that book and flip through the pages and chapters you want to read.

Just like that, you come across countless new people every day. Some interest you, some don’t. And, when it is the first case, you face a war of emotions in your head. Should you try to start talking or not? What should you say at first? Will the person recept well or rather get offended?

Talking to a total stranger can be nerve-wracking at first but it is really fun to know people around you or at least try to.

I’m going to give you  

7 simple tips to talk to strangers


  1. Break the ice, Initiate

Yes, Initiate. Don’t wait for the other one to start a conversation, be that one to do so and you’ll be on the positive side. Don’t fear the consequences. Chances can be, the person will talk back to you, or not respond at all. But you’re already not talking, so it is worth taking a risk.

  1. Skip the Mainstream

Don’t waste time on asking questions which would get expected a reply, like, How are you? I’m good and so on. Rather ask questions, or even personal questions, not offending ones obviously.

You may ask where that stranger is from, or story behind their name or about the place you’re at, the list goes on.

  1. Find what’s common, skip the focus on negatives

As the conversation goes on, try finding what you guys have in common and dwell on that, rather than focussing on things which you or the stranger don’t like. But yes, if you both hate same thing or person, then that can be an exception and you may talk about that!

  1. Compliment them

A stranger might completely forget you and the conversation you had after a while. But if you compliment them about something genuine you notice in them, the memory is not going to fade anytime soon.

Always try to give constructive and genuine compliments rather than sugar-coated cheesy ones.

  1. Share opinions

Asking someone about their opinion on something they are interested about, is a great way to keep the conversation going on and make the stranger more participating in the talk.It is also a good way to know more about them. Try to not ask for opinions related to something really strict or what they might find offending.

  1. Be present- Physically, as well as mentally

When you are having a conversation with a stranger, try your best to pay attention to what they are saying and make eye contact, it shows that you’re really interested in talking to them and not just wasting their time.Most importantly, listen to Listen and not just to reply back.

  1. Remember the details as much as you can

When you listen to the other person in a conversation, you tend to notice a lot of details. You must not miss small yet important things they tell you about. Forgetting their name or where they are from, which they just have told you, is a big blunder. Also, Say their name when talking. Using their name will make them feel special and it is a big plus point.



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