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It’s amazing to know how our clothing style can add or subtract years from our life. An unsuitable color, length of hair, an uninspired skirt can add 10 years and as many pounds or kilograms. Here are some fashion myths which we follow ardently without realizing that it make us look much older and fatter than we really are.


Black is a classic color for many occasions, but as we add years on our “life bouquet” it becomes very unflattering. Our skin becomes white and if you have black hair then dark clothes can be too conflicting and contrasting that brings to focus the defects that we bear: wrinkles, dark circles etc. changing the black hair shade in a brown will make you look 5 years younger. If you are a little black dress fan, wear a colorful accessory.


We wear clothes to cover our nakedness, but should not wear them as a mask that would hide us completely. We often buy the wrong size clothes. If you insist on wearing a classic jacket, do not choose a size that would fit your grandmother.


There are only a few stylish women who can really carry the big dresses with elegance and look great. Women usually look disastrous and clumsy when they wear loose or ill-fitting dresses. In fact, they look frumpy and dowdy.

Ill- fitted or loose clothes make your appearance look tired even though you may feel comfortable in loose dresses. And yes, if you think that an oversized dress will hide your flab, you are certainly mistaken. We must warn you that large clothes add the extra pounds instead of hiding them.


A delicate neckpiece can for sure boost your youth; however, try to choose subtle and whimsical accessories. Even though large neckpieces might tempt you it is best to avoid them. You should try modern and stylish jewellery of the right size. If you are unsure of the size that suits you, it’s best to choose the medium one.

It is an important pointer to not go for too many accessories. It makes you look clustered and your whole appearance might become too clumsy. Selection of accessories is very crucial. If your accessory is not matched properly your entire style might look distracting and uncoordinated. Thus, synchronizing your accessories is important while avoiding accessorizing in areas that you don’t want others to focus on. Be creative and have fun with accessories. Belts, shoes, bags and trendy jewellery are some of the best ways to enhance your dress and restore your youthful appearance.


Even though platforms are still popular it might not be the right choice for you if you are over 35 years and 75 kilograms. In that case you should choose slim variant for your shoes.


Scarves were fashionable in the 60’s thus; leaving this accessory where it belongs which is the 60’s might be a good idea. Scarves were a fashion statement in the 60’s but not anymore. It can be however, a cool accessory if it is used to connect your bag handles (contrasting color) or turned into a silk bracelet.

Last but not the least- it’s important to realize that you are beautiful just as you are therefore, do not get over obsessed with fashion. So, embrace yourself and enjoy your life every single day.


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