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There are several personal expenses of a student like purchasing gifts for friends, going for trips with friends or hanging out in restaurants and clubs . While asking parents could be quite troublesome, you can very well make your own money. Here we present a listicle of occupations which will help you earn and learn after your school/college hours.


Every single individual is now a part of the digital thread. Almost everyone uses various social media platforms. As a digital marketer you need to create innovative content and use the virtual platform i.e various social media sites for the purpose of advertising and marketing. There are several companies which are offering a part time in this field.


As a marketing intern you need to learn about the market expansion of the company you are working for and to create unique content to enhance the market value. This is basically a research and create based job and the skills could be easily learned within a short span. Marketing is an essential body of every org. and has great prospects for internships.


This is the easiest of all to earn a lump-some amount of pocket money. If you have a passion for writing and believe that your writings have the power to move the audience, then go for it. You can apply for the job of a part time or a weekly writer and mail them your articles.


Well, you all must be aware of Shirley Shetia and BB ki Vines. Their story of success started from the very Youtube you surf all day long. They are now the famous ‘youtubers’ and a huge sensation. Being a youtuber is simple and can get you loads of money and fame. Create a channel, upload good content, share it among friends and there you become a star. All you just need is creativity and a good internet connection.


Blogging provides the best platform to connect to a huge number of people. As a blogger you need to write content on anything you feel like. You may write poems, short stories, articles on food, travelling, fashion, adventure, science and almost anything you know about or would like to share with people. WordPress provides a good platform to novices to learn about blogging. Once you hit off and get many followers, you are set to be a Richie Rich.


There is always something happening around us like events, functions, concerts and parties. You can help organising them and make money. The work of an event manager is to look after the needs of the client and help them organise their event by using contacts from various fields like catering, sound production unit, the designing unit etc.


Having your own income is a matter of pride and it also opens you to the plethora of opportunities this world holds.


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