5 Secrets Marketers Won’t Tell You About Organic Reach

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The story of Facebook organic reach decline is a tragic one that everyone knows about. It has led to many brands abandoning Facebook entirely.

Regardless of what you think about it, the decline of organic reach is here to stay, and you have to adapt to that and move on if you want your business to still benefit from the platform.

But what are the five secrets marketers aren’t telling you about?

  1. It’s an Uphill Battle

You are always going to have a fight and get overly creative with your strategy because Facebook doesn’t want organic reach to exist. They want to force people towards paid advertising options.

Marketers don’t want to have to admit that they don’t have all the answers and they are forever working against the giant that is Facebook.

And this trend is only expected to continue. Facebook has continued to drive down organic reach. It would come as no surprise to see it gone entirely and Facebook moved to an entirely paid advertising platform one day soon.

2. Most Brands Also Use Paid Reach 

Very few brands still opt to try to get organic reach entirely. They still work on it, but they sprinkle in paid reach at the same time. Once you have paid for someone to find your brand, you can organically hold them there without paying anything else.

Most marketers would advocate incorporating some paid reach options, even if they won’t tell you that.

3. A Single Word Can Make a Difference 

Two headlines can be the same, except there’s one word that makes them different. And yet these two headlines, despite only having one word of difference, can get very different results.

One single word can make all the difference. Many marketers would have you believe that such small details don’t matter, but they do.

This is why marketers may produce ten similar statuses because nine could flop, but one could hit a huge audience.

4. Your Industry Matters

There’s a big difference between industries when it comes to organic reach. Some companies are always going to have more success than others simply because of the industry they’re in.

They say that these days’ organic reach figures are down to single figures. But 1% of 10 is much smaller than 1% of one million. The popularity of your industry has a huge impact on how many people you are going to reach from the beginning.

And competition is another factor. A large, but ultra-competitive industry is going to present a bigger organic reach challenge than a large yet sparsely populated industry.

Marketers may not want to tell you that your organic reach prospects are often dictated from the very beginning.

5. Repeating Your Message Does Work 

What a lot of people think is that they have to come up with entirely different messages every time they post. But more and more marketers are having success through repeating the same message. They send exactly the same status update every so often.

The goal is to hit as many different people with that same combination as possible. This allows them to maximize every single idea, and for organic reach purposes it does work.


Organic reach is always on everybody’s minds these days. And it’s no surprise because it’s altered the way people do business. If you want to succeed on Facebook, you have to adapt to this new way of doing things.

Talk to a marketing expert to find out where you can make changes and how they can help you. An expert can repay their value many times over.

How will you increase your organic reach on Facebook?

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