5 reasons why gangs of wasseypur is India’s all time favorite gangster movie

Here's our take on a revolutionary film which was released back in 2012 and it was something which Indian masses had never experienced before4 min


One of the genres Indian masses definitely would be licking their lips to watch is the aspect of crime thriller films, and it even tempts them more when such a screenplay is Genuine and realistic portrayal of circumstances is shown, with non physics defying movements and something which is realistic in it’s continued sequences. One such movie which seems to tick every boxes and which Indian audiences acclaimed and even hailed it’s excellence is Gangs of Wasseypur

Discussing some of the relevant reasons which went absolutely right for this movie, here comes a glance to relieve the “danger theatre showcased” for this very premise.

1. Genuine and realistic portrayal of circumstances

It became a reference or rather a benchmark for showing action stunts, in which Heroics of the male lead is, “whatever happens he shouldn’t be hit by a bullet and there would be no bullet which is fired by the hero wouldn’t hit the goons”. The list goes even endless with showcasing virtual guns with no limits of bullets in his weapon whatsoever and one is hardly seen to reload the magazine or we can hardly see a gun recoil. All of these imaginary parameters were denied by Anurag Kashyap giving the movie it’s X factor in it’s first look beforehand. These seemed realistic and even the viewers could relate with procrastination of such scenes. All of these made it an amazing movie that always will render us mesmerised with it’s awesomeness

2.An ensemble cast with some sophisticated acting that was critically appreciated

This franchise roped in a talented star cast that did some amazing as well as heart touching acting, and all of their skill set was displayed with some genuinely raw performance. This team included Manoj Bajpayee, Nawasuddin Siddiqui, Richha Chadhha and the gripping performance of anti hero Ramadhir Singh by Timangshu Dhulia.

3.Unique cinematic beauties

Be it the “kahke lunga” song or the comeback lines like “nahi be Bh****ke aaj hi Paida hua”, with all these delicate touches of one of the best comeback lines ever heard in Indian cinema, it makes it even more beautiful.Another instance when Kashyap proved his Excellence and perfection was when he shot an entire long sequel of 7 mins, this was shown when Faisal was injured in the cross fire when Ramadhir Singh’s goons attacked his house. He simply escaped the place jumped over to the roof of adjacent house and then making his way to the secret tunnel. The entire shot took place at one shot.Another such instance when the local dwellers were watching Saans Bhi kabhi bahu thi, and right at that time the goons attacked and with Gunfires they proceed to Sardar Khan’s place. Another long running single shot.There were several other instances of such cinematic beauties,inclusive of some camera eye shots and the editing work of the action sequences and chase scenes make it seem like the viewers are living within it.

4.Great screenplay that never loses pace and continuity

Another thing to admire from this storyline is that it is so captivating and this gripping premise doesn’t seem to give the audience to go through a dull phase and hence, one is constantly at the edge of the seat. It continues with it’s transitioned incidents that is the cause of the previous one, every portrayal of every such events is perfectly done. There is no moment that can interrupt one’s watching with making him discontinue watching i.e leave it watching in middle to do some other stuff. This is a basic thing which many crime genre film lacks unlike this movie. It is amazingly showcased by the director.

5.An unexpected plot twist that one can’t guess.

Just a simple confession.I bet you can’t predict the end, even if you are a Bollywood buff or even you are very well accustomed to the crime world be it through crime films or real life experiences. Won’t give you the spoiler but do lend your visions to witness one of the most exciting film in the Indian history

6. Interesting characters

This film is fully filled with lots of vivid characters. Be it the desperate and codebreaker “perpendicular” or the crime diligent “definite” or the antagonist “Ramadhir Singh” with his motives of wrong doings or the bold “Nagma” and bold and beautiful “Moshina” . Even “Faisal” and “Sardar’s” Heroics are brilliantly and proportionately portrayed. All of these aspects takes it to a whole new level of an amazing display of vibrant cinematic treat, and also a great composure of jeopardising fear and loads of humor with absolute balance. It brings a very productive and persistent perspective to the real scribal scenario of Gangs functioning together to fulfill the motive. Real life instances of corruption and malpractices are depicted with perfection.

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