5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch ‘Modern Family’

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Modern Family is one of the greatest sitcoms which is still running, with the ninth season on the way. The show has also been renewed for a tenth season. Modern Family has a great fan-following, with fans all over the world. Considering that the show itself focuses on diversity, it is not surprising that so many individuals and families admire this show. If you do not follow Modern Family, you definitely should, and here’s why.

  1. Brilliant and diverse characters: The show revolves around three families: A straight couple with three children, a gay couple with a Vietnamese daughter, and a 60-year-old man married to a young Spanish woman, and everyone is related to one another. The show is personalized in the sense that every viewer can identify themselves with one or the other character.

  2. Realistic situations in every episode: Each episode comes with a new theme and problem every time. More often than not, all of these problems are what we face on a day-to-day basis: misunderstandings amongst family members, irritating neighbors, confrontation, various miscommunications.

  3. Bringing to light larger issues: Through its whacky and humorous writing, Modern Family succeeds in discussing various issues without having to tiptoe around them. Issues of diversity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, teenagers, marriage equality, amongst several others, are brought up time and again throughout the series. Modern Family, as a show, is very accepting of everything, which is what makes it a phenomenal show.

  4. Brilliant writing and running gags: Modern Family is blessed with talented writers who succeed in making you laugh every time. One of the blessings of this show is that there is no audience laughing in the background every time a joke is cracked, so one does not feel forced to laugh. Secondly, there are various running gags throughout the show which never wear out. The best example is of Phil stumbling on the broken step on his house’s staircase, and him mumbling about fixing that step in several episodes.

  5. Various life lessons: Each episode ends with a particular message for all of us, for the world to be a better place. At the end of every episode, one character gives a monologue on the issue raised during the episode, and how it affects them and how it must be conquered. Modern Family is a family show, and while it will always make you laugh, it will help you in dealing with your issues.

Modern Family needs to be the next series you binge watch, because it is worth it. It has also been a critically acclaimed show for a long time. Modern Family has been nominated for twelve Golden Globe Awards, eighteen Writers Guild of America Awards, twenty-five Screen Actors Guild Awards, and eighty Primetime Emmy Awards. To top the cherry on the cake, Modern Family was awarded the best television show four consecutive times for its first four seasons by the American Film Institute.

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