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In an industry known for its sexist portrayal of women and chauvinism, there are some movies that go beyond all misogyny and prejudice. Here is a list movies that dared to be different, just like the characters in them.

  1. MOTHER INDIA (1957)

We have to appreciate the fact that way back in the 1950s people were able to recognise the strength of a woman. This movie reminds us of just that. Radha (played by Nargis) portrays the character of a strong willed woman, who, after immense loss and tragedy, had the strength to do what was right. That included killing her own son, who had turned out to be a bandit while having lost two sons already. If you’re free this weekend and want to watch something inspiring, this is highly recommended.

  1. KAHAANI (2012)

A Vidya Balan starrer and one of her best movies, Kahaani talks about an expecting mother, looking for her missing husband. However, this is a veil she has created so as to achieve her real purpose. A clever story featuring a clever woman. It just goes to show that women cannot be underestimated and left to rust. They always come back stronger.

  1. QUEEN (2014)

Queen is one of the most feel-good movie that Bollywood has ever made. The movie just proves how confidence gives you strength to do what is to be done and that letting yourself enjoy isn’t really that bad at all. Rani, the protagonist, seems to be living every free-spirited girls’ dream, touring alone and making new friends. The movie just goes to show that a little courage and faith can help you go through all your fears and insecurities.

  1. PINK (2016)

Arguably the most chilling and truthful movie of 2016, Pink (starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu) asked the right question to society: Why does the independence of a woman scare you? The movie criticises society’s narrow-minded opinion of women who live independently and have a similar lifestyle as bachelors, yet they receive more judgements. It only went on to show that independent women are not safe from danger and society.


If none of the above movies have jolted your interest, then there is only one more movie that will change it for you. Lipstick Under My Burkha is the most honest movie of the decade and it did not hold back on any detail. This movie isn’t trying to show us any unique quality of a particular woman but spectacularly portrays the women as mere human beings with dreams, ambitions, sexual urges, foolishness and the need for freedom. It urges society to think of women as equal to any man because we are all the same species.


Notice how within this decade there have been more women oriented movies than before? It’s proof that our society is improving and that not all hope is lost.


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