5 Amazing steps on How to Create Content that your readers would love.

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How to Create Content that your readers would love?

Hello bloggers, Today we are going to teach you 5 Amazing steps on How to Create Content that your readers would love.

Welcome to the First Step of Content Creation.

An article is not something you copy paste from four different Google sources, tweak a bit and parcel off to your reader, because your reader the average netizen is way smarter and will definitely not come back to waste his precious time on a recycled copy.

While writing an article make sure you think from your reader’s perspective, that will ensure you don’t write any less or more than required. 

The components of a decent article are:

1.      A strong and catchy headline
2.     Content that is well expressed; not repeated or too concise
3.     A logical conclusion

But we are not writing just any article are we? We aim to write viral, shareable content that will immediately strike the curiosity chords and force your readers to click on your link. 

The components of a decent [ VIRAL ] article are:

1.     A catchy and to the point headline
2.      Short content with a lot of pictures and colorful text thrown in
3.     A well appealing conclusion

Try to think on these lines, what headline would attract you and what sized images will appeal to you, if you have that cleared up in your head you are good to go!


  •         Proof- read every article you write, check for grammatical or spelling errors.
  •         Do not use short forms or the SMS lingo, the rise of free connectivity platforms has created a boom to the texting language. Re-check once you finish writing, in cse u hv mde ne sch errors, DO CORRECT THEM!
  •         Try to throw in a lot of images for your articles, a minimum of 2 per article. It increases the audience’s interest ratio in your work.

Read a few of these articles so that you understand what sort of writing you need for capturing your audiences:

Now that you have been through step one, you have clarity on how to write! 

Before we go ahead let’s brush up a bit:

The components of a decent viral article are:

  1. A catchy and to the point headline
  2. Short content with a lot of pictures and colorful text thrown in
  3. A well appealing conclusion
So now, how do you manage to pull your audiences?

Yes, using the same content you were churning out let’s attract a few more eye-balls!

Step 2.   Giving the reader what they want:

Once you have decided upon what category you want to write on, you need to know what the reader wants to read on that category. Your writing needs to appeal to your readers and for that reason the best solution is Go to Google and type your category.

For e.g. if you want to write on health, type ‘health’ in the search column followed by words like advises or tips and you will get a huge list of articles. By going through that search list you will find out what kind of articles are preferred by readers and accordingly you can select your choice of content. This helps you write in a way that you can attract the interest of your audiences.

Remember Title matters:

Your post title is what will attract most of your readers. You might have readers from direct site visitors, readers you attracted via the social media and readers via Google. Your post title must be so inquisitive that a direct site- reader or a reader who see’s your post on the social media is attracted to read it. 

Using words like best, most awesome, great, amazing, outrageous, so true, very relatable in your title helps grab a lot of eye-balls.

For Google readers, go type in the search bar and the suggestions that Google comes up with is what audience’s want to read about. For example type ‘how to’ the suggestions Google provides is what you need to write on.

Make sure, you put this into practice!

Step 3. Driving in More Traffic, the EASY way!

 With the last tutorial you realized how, well thought about content and the title makes up all the difference for you to be able to grab more eye-balls. With this Step 3 of the tutorial series, I present to you a trick through which you can double up your audience, just by using a few magic words! These magic words are called as ‘Key Words’ in the world of viral content writing.

Keywords are very important for every business website because as I said earlier, they drive targeted web traffic to your business for free. Before we get into the details of what you need to do to rank effectively for certain keywords, some of you might be wondering, “What is a keyword?” Keywords are the words and phrases that Internet users type into search box of a search engine, such as Google, to find what websites that match what are looking for. 

Some keywords get hundreds of thousands of unique searches a day while others get a couple of hundred. At the same time, some high trafficked keywords are very competitive online because many businesses are trying to get referrals and traffic from users when they search for those keywords while others are not.

There are some good free tools online such as the ‘Google Keyword Research tool’and ‘Wordtracker’ that can help get you started in researching keywords relevant to your category of articles. These tools can be very useful for getting insights about how many users are searching for a given keyword and how much competition there is for the keyword online. 

So from now, don’t choose topics on just the basis of the content categories but make sure you have your articles related to the high ranking key words in those categories.

Tip: The Key – Word should be a part of your title and must appear at least thrice in the course of your post content.

Try this and see the difference for yourself!

Step 4: How to post Articles?:

1.     Login using the ID’s and Passwords .
2.     At the top of your screen, you will see a ‘+ New’ option – click on it.
3.     The drop down menu will show you ‘post’as the first option click on it and you will get to the screen from where you can post.
4.     Type in your ‘title’ in the space provided and your ‘content’ in the space provided. Make sure the content box is on the ‘Visual’ option.
5.     You can click on ‘Add Media’ to add photographs.
6.     Once you are done typing, on the right hand corner you have a ‘Categories’ box where various categories have been provided; choose the one your article belongs to.
7.     Below the ‘Category’ box you have a ‘Tags’option. In the space provided type down the keywords that have appeared in your article. Also create tags of certain words which you feel will be most searched for on Google in relation to your article. A minimum of 3 tags per article.
8.     Above the ‘categories’ box you have a ‘Publish’box in that click on ‘preview’ to see how your final article looks. In case you want to make any changes, you can do that or else click on ‘Publish’.
9.     Once you are done posting, click on ‘View Post’ to see your work, make a list of all the links posted in the day and keep improving them.

Step 5. Web Posting Improvised!

Create Share Worthy Viral Content:

You have key words in your titles, but can’t manage to grab the number of eyeballs needed? It’s because you don’t speak to your audience!
Yes you got that right, the key to successfully connecting with your audiences is making titles that talk to them and raise their curiosity! Amazing lessons can be learnt from sites like: 

I repeat for the millionth time, it’s nothing but your title and the images placed that make or break your post!!

Apart from that, a little help is gained by using those colorful fonts of various styles and alignments. Use a good online editor for such tricks to your font!

You Can Also:

1.   Talk to people!