5 advantages of creating a blog to market your product or services

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Just a business with little to no marketing is bad business.

The world now shops online and if you don’t market your product or services online, you will soon be out of business. Given the technology we have, blogging out your business can prove to be beneficial and that too in multiple ways. Check out the benefits that blogging offers if you choose to blog the product you sell or the services you provide.

1. More population online, more traffic on your website

Who doesn’t want that his product or services to reach a wide range of people? After all, it’s only when your product reaches people that it will be sold.

The blog posts you make for your product simultaneously makes another index page on your blog, which in turn is an opportunity for your appearance in search engines.

2. Traffic converts to lead

After one has visited your blog, it all depends on the way you present or market your product or services that will decide if that particular visitor converts to a lead or not.

There is a limit to visitors visiting your shop and visitors online. There is no limit to your online visitors and so the potential rate of lead generation becomes high. This creates more sales and more profits, all you have to learn is that how to create a blog for your product and targeted audience.

3. Blogs provide value

The one thing customer or prospects look for is ‘value’. It is easier to present what you offer as a product and service and in turn help your visitor understand the value it can add to his life.

If they find value in what you offer, they are sure to return for more value once they need it the next time. This is like creating a repeat business. They may also suggest the same to someone and you just earned a customer without any extra effort.

4. Develop relationships

Another advantage that blogging your business can provide is that you can make good relationships with people you have never met. It enables you to connect with your visitors by simply letting them comment on your blog and you responding.

This way, a rapport is built and this is how you become a preferred seller for your visitor. Not just this, blog posting help you to connect people to your ‘brand’. You gain a sense of vision and mission on how making your business bigger when you have potential customers spread across various terrains.

5. Blogging is awesome marketing

Don’t believe us? You surely can’t deny the metrics. It proves that budget spent on blogs has nearly tripled over the past three years. Additionally, 81% of the bloggers consider blogging the business product or services to be a better marketing idea, 73% of successful businesses use blogging as a content marketing technique and 59% of new businesses invest in blogging to promote their business.

Coming to the customer arena, customer’s duration on blog is three times more than on a non-commercial blog. And lastly, businesses with more than 200 blogs get 5 times more traffic than those without it.

These are the ‘side effects’ of blogging your business, and trust me every successful person knows the potential that blogs have to offer. The big question is, ‘Are we ready to accept it?’ So, if you are a businessman who has a long term vision for profits, then blogging is an inevitable part of your marketing arsenal.

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