4 Exciting Places to Visit from Around the World

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Does the mere mention of a stereotypical tour itinerary leave you with a splitting headache that yearns for the excitement of visiting a place which is not overly clichéd? If you happen to be the sufferer of such headaches, look no further as we provide you with a set of places which you can consider visiting the next time the headache comes back around. The below-mentioned places from around the world will welcome you in their own unique embrace just as they did to my family and I.

  1. Glendalough, Ireland

Ever wished to peacefully walk through the weaves and circles of Celtic patterns? The monastic sites at Glendalough presents you with the chance to observe the Celtic cross dotted across the tombs from another lifetime. Soak in the quiet presence of the ruins yet watch as nature thrives around through the streams and mountains. This is an ideal place for those who wish to visit a magical part of the emerald isle that Ireland is often referred to as.

Unique Selling Point: The highly serene atmosphere is made splendid with the presence of the very reflective lake⎯ a short walk from the monastic site.

  1. Kenya, Kenya

A visit to the largest peak of this east African country will leave you wanting for a second trip back and more. If you happen to stay at the Fairmont Mt. Kenya, you are guaranteed with a great view of the snow capped peak atop the looming mountain from your room. Drive up to the base of the mountain or ride a horse into the forest. Catch up with great views and a story of a lifetime.

Unique Selling Point: There is no distinction between man and nature as you drive or ride amongst Zebras and other animals.

  1. Wayanad, Kerala

If you wish to travel deep into the heart of nature, then look no further. Although the travel may take some time, the place you will arrive at will be worth the journey time. Phones go quiet as you disconnect yourself from the buzzing world and take a look into the experience of understanding the symphonies of nature. The rustic experience will let you appreciate nature through the hairpin curves, gushing streams and the abundant flora and fauna.

Unique Selling Point: The fact that your network will barely work at the higher altitude means that you will get more time to spend with your loved ones and nature.

  1. Stratford-upon-Avon, England

This one is for the Shakespearean lovers or literature lovers alike. Or just about anyone who wishes to visit the little town that gave us one of the popular writers of all time. The cozy and friendly little town has a charm that will touch your heart. The postcard perfect half-timbered buildings accompanied by thatched roofs take you back to the 16th century.

Unique Selling Point:  The boat trips offered on the river Avon will provide you with an entirely different perspective of the town in addition to being an escape from the crowd.


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