4 Delicious Desserts to Try the Next Time You Are in Cochin

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We always crave the sweeter things in life. Be it in the food we eat or in just about everything else. Dessert always occupies our mind and our stomachs. Whether it is creamy or crispy or warm or gooey, they are one of the most memorable parts of the meal. Wherever you are in the world, you will get interesting varieties of sweet treats. Come down to Kerala, and you will find that we have our own spin on many foreign and traditional classics. Start scrolling and start drooling and be sure to taste these when you visit Cochin!

  1. Carrot and Date Cake, Navya Bakers

With a soft texture, this scrumptious cake is freshly baked everyday and runs out as soon as it hits the shelves. Free from any artificial coloring, this is one of their bestsellers. It is almost like a hybrid between a sticky toffee pudding and a carrot cake.

Unique Selling Point: Apart from the delicious cake, they serve traditional snacks that you are bound to buy as well.

  1. Coconut Panna Cotta, French Toast

You can understand the decadence of this dessert when you see the panna cotta wobble. If you are familiar with MasterChef, then you will know that a wobble is very hard to get. At this café, the perfect wobble is achieved in addition to a deliciously creamy and silky smooth texture that will leave you wanting more.

Unique Selling Point: Soak in the peaceful atmosphere of the café with walls that are painted and adorned with beautiful posters as you enjoy the rich dessert.

  1. Baked Cheesecake, Bloomsbury Boutique Café and Artisan Bakery

For the cheesecake lovers, this is undoubtedly the best place to grab a slice from. With the right amount of the biscuit base, the creamy cake is presented beautifully.

Unique Selling Point: The café has a separate section dedicated to satisfy all the needs your sweet-tooth may have (from cupcakes to entire cakes!)

  1. Salted Caramel Sundae, Cocoa Tree

This is a combination of the cold, the warm, the soft, the chewy and the gooey. It is a delight to taste the spongy chocolate cake, the warm salted caramel sauce and fudge, the cold vanilla ice-cream and the walnuts all in one bite.

Unique Selling Point: If you have the space for extra sweetness, try the brilliant milkshakes like the Snicker Knicker.





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