3 Step Process To Make Your WordPress Blog Superfast?

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Page loading speeds are one of the crucial parameters to get you ahead of your competitors. We’re asked several times how bloggers can achieve a 100 percent score on Google Page Speed Insights. Today we tell you how.

How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast and achieve 100 % Google Page Speed Insights Score.

Do keep in mind that this tutorial is specifically for WordPress Blogs but you can try out similar plugins or hacks on the blog hosting platform that you are using. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

3 Step Process To Make Your WordPress Blog Superfast

Step 1:

Install W3 Total Cache Plugin To Your WordPress Blog.

Once you have Installed the plugin, activate it

Go to W3 Total Cache > Browser Cache from the left side bar navigation and turn ON the below mentioned features:

1.Set expires header 

2.Set entity tag or eTag 

3.Enable HTTP gzip compression 

For people who are not on WordPress, try editing your .htaccess files to set expires headers. That’s it, Step 1 is complete.

Step 2: 

This step will not work if you have enabled the Jetpack plugin. It’s recommended that you disable Jetpack before starting on this step. Also, some bloggers have faced problems with minor javascript conflicts. Do check your blog throughly for any JavaScript related issues.
Once you have Installed the plugin, activate it
Now, Go to WP Dashboard > Settings> Script Optimizer and enable the plugin.
Now, enable these options inside of the plugin
  • Pack scripts using Dean Edwards’s JavaScript Packer
  • Combine all scripts into the two files (in the header & footer)
  • Use plugin for CSS
  • Combine all CSS scripts into the single file

Step 3:

Register with a free account on Cloudflare and enable these 2 options
Make Sure These Options are enabled in Your Cloudflare account.
  • Enable Minify JS, CSS, and HTML option.
  • Turn on Rocket loader and Choose Automatic in Rocket Loader option. 
That’s all folks!

Now check your speed score. If you are not near the 95 percent mark, you need to optimize images and server level settings. We’ve seen many bloggers achieve 100 % page speed score by using the above 3 steps.

As always, I look forward to your comments!

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