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For most, 2017 was not our year. So we vowed that we would make 2018 work for us. But if the first 10 days of 2018 isn’t going well for you, here are some facts about ‘18’ to give you good vibes about the New Year.


  1. In China, 18 is a very important number. It is considered to be auspicious and is thought to be associated with great success and prosperity. This is mostly because when 18 is pronounced in Chinese, it resembles saying “going to prosper”.
  2. On the other hand, it is also considered as a hate symbol. It represents the first and eighth letter of the English alphabet i.e. ‘A’ and ‘H’. Put together, it becomes AH which is an abbreviation of Adolf Hitler. Neo-Nazis get 18 tattooed on themselves.
  3. It also considered as the devil’s number because is the sum of three 6s and 666 is the Number of the Beast.
  4. The Bhagavad Gita has 18 chapters, that is contained in the Mahabharata, which has 18 books.
  5. The Kurukshetra War is between 18 armies and lasts for 18 days. The war between Rama and the demons in Ramayana also lasts for 18 days.
  6. In Hebrew, the word “life” (chai) has a numerical value of 18, hence it becomes a symbol of long life. Consequently, Jewish custom requires people to shower a person in 18 (and its multiple) years of age with gifts and blessings for a long future.
  7. 18 is the age where most people become adults in most countries of the world. Some countries even permit drinking, driving and smoking at this age.
  8. In Chemistry terms, 18 is the atomic number of Argon which is a noble gas. Group 18 in the periodic table also represents Noble Gases.
  9. Like pentagon and hexagon, an 18 sided closed figure is called an octadecagon or an octakaidecagon.
  10. Animals such as Opossums and armadillos sleep for 18 hours a day.
  11. At 18 years of age, Hellenistic emperor Alexander the Great was conquering most of the world.
  12. Horses have 18 bones in their tale and 18 bones in their rib cages as well!
  13. In tarot, the number is referred to mystery and intuition, symbolised by the moon.
  14. Mathematically, 18 is a semi-perfect number because it is a sum of its divisors – 1,2,3,6 and 9.
  15. At the age of 18, Samantha Larson became the youngest person in the world to have scaled all the Seven Summits i.e. the highest peak in each continent.
  16. In australian football rules, it is required for each team to have 18 players on field.
  17. In Chinese folklore, the Shaolin temple consisted of 18 bronze monks. An initiate into the temple was considered a graduate only if he could defeat all 18 monks in a combat.
  18. The famous comic book series, Calvin and Hobbes first came out on the 18th of November 1985. To make it more interesting, there are totally 18 books.

Well I hope your 2018 is as interesting and eventful as “18” itself!

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