15 Mistakes To Avoid While Renovating A Home

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Renovating a home can be a hard and time-consuming task. There are several small things that are easily forgettable and traps that are very easy to fall into. In the process of turning a tired and dull property into a beautiful looking home, you need to take care of every small detail. A small mistake made in home remodeling can turn your dream into a disaster. To save your time and effort, we surveyed some of the experienced home remodelers who have renovated their residential property in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and other feature-rich cities for some tips. As a result, here is the list of 15 common mistakes to avoid when you are renovating your home.

1.  Having A Poor Plan

Having the big picture in your mind is absolutely essential when you start doing anything. The same is not an exception in the case of home renovation. A proper plan helps you in taking the right decision on the go and makes the whole renovation process a success. It turns your imagination into a consistent reality. 

2.  Not Considering The Return On Investment

This one is for those who are considering home reselling. If you are renovating your home to resell it then make sure that you are keeping a tab on your expenses. Try to make little changes that are cost-effective and compliment the look of the home at the same time as making the maximum profit is the main motto of home reselling. 

 3.  Not Acquiring The Necessary Permits

Don’t consider this as the least one as the permits may make or break your renovation plan. You may have to tear the all process down if anyone reports your construction. Moreover, in case of any accidents, while renovating, the homeowner will not get any insurance coverage without a valid permit. 

4.  An Unrealistic Budget Planning

Making a budget plan before proceeding with renovation is the smartest way to save your hard work and hard earned money. If you are not much familiar with the industry then there are many renowned niche budget planners you can hire to plan the budget for the renovation of your flat in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, or whichever city you live in. 

5.  Not Measuring For Perfection

A half an inch difference and your expectations get shattered. Double check each and every aspect before dive into the renovation process. Take care of the dimensions in the first place to achieve your desired impact. 

6.  Not Opting For Professional Help

Taking professional help when it is needed is mandatory. Otherwise, things may go wrong as everyone is not expert of everything. Fixing an electric line or a pipeline, pulling out the basins and toilets, hammering on walls, renovating the kitchen, etcetera takes a professional to be done rightly. 

7.  Compromising With The Quality Of The Materials

In the case of a property refurbishing, opting for the cheap material may cost you extensively. By choosing cheap materials, you may get a poor end result as you get what you pay for. Make and stick to your budget in a way that you can cut off the unnecessary things and go for the right materials. 

8.  Not Storing The Materials Properly

Storing the materials and tools in a proper way can save you time and money and increase the longevity of the materials. To make every material work fine, keeping them in a cool and dry place is highly recommended. 

9.  Not Updating The Electrical System

Updating the electrical system has been seen to be ignored in most cases to save some pennies. But it is extremely advisable to hire an electrician and conduct an electrical system check while renovating a home. Make sure that all of the electric components meet the safety standards. You can also add some new switchboards or plugs to give it an up to date look. 

10.  Not Giving Attention In Proper Lighting

To create a perfect ambiance with the help of proper lighting you need to take care of the lighting system. A proper balance in general, natural, and accent lighting will do the best work for you. 

11.  Not Planning The Spaces As Needed

One of the main purposes of renovating a home is to regain some more spaces. Plan the layout by repositioning the stuff like furniture, table, boards, sofas etcetera in such a way that it gives you more empty-floor space than before. You can redesign the current layout by taking the dimensions or can make an entire layout from the scratch. 

12.  Being An Ongoing Home Design Trends Follower

Most of the new home renovators make the mistake of following the crowd. Don’t be a trend follower but a trendsetter. You have your own style statement, so as your home. Don’t fall in the trap of hottest or sexiest design items, give it a look that you can cherish for decades to come. 

13.  Trying To Do Everything By Yourself

It is okay to do the basic things on your own to stick to the budget but don’t overdo it. While you can paint the wall, move the furniture, hanging arts on a wall and do some other things, hire a professional to do the hard parts like electrical fitting, plumbing, structuring, roofing, etcetera. 

14.  Avoiding To Go Green

If your property is not green-friendly then it is the right time to go green. Just like the United States, Indian Real Estate Industry has also entered in constructing green space to make it eco-friendly and sustainable for the homebuyers. Give a thought in using solar energy, rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly insulation and other such products. It will make the processes natural and won’t burn your pocket. 

15.  Renovating The Whole Property

If you are tight in the budget then keep it in mind that it is not necessary to renovate every inch of the property. Carefully review the parts which need a renovation and filter out the unnecessary parts as and when needed.


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