11 Times when “How I Met Your Mother” showed us what’s Life about!

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1. Season 4 Episode 24- The Leap

“You can’t design your life like a building you have to just live it and life will design itself.”

We are all dreamers and we want things to go according to “plan”. We don’t realize that most of the best things in life are never planned.

2. Season 6 Episode 3-Unfinished


Once you stop doing something you love it is difficult to start back because it’s too huge, too scary and you may never dare to do that again even if it may have given you heaven happiness. But once it was a part of you and even though you have given up it will always be in you, unfinished.

3. Season 6 Episode 13-14- Bad news/Last words

You will find several series where they kid about parent’s health issues but the truth is life is not that kind. It can be cruel and sudden and you cannot do anything about it and just face it.

4. Season 6 Episode 18- Change of heart

You know there is happiness if you enter that door but it is too overwhelming and unbelievable and that holds you back from going past the door.

5. Season 6 Episode 19- Legendaddy

You can’t accept that you were abandoned. It’s one thing to not have someone for their own reasons but it’s worse when someone chooses to abandon you. So you throw your grief on a basketball hoop but deep down you are upset about the painful abandonment which you know can never be fixed.

6. Season 6 Episode 23- Landmarks

When something had huge prominence in your life and it starts falling apart, you don’t let it fall. You want it to be safe even though it’s not same, its human tendency to safeguard it but it can’t be. Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things

7. Season 7 Episode 10- Tick Tick Tick

Time moves at different speeds. Very often we don’t realize that happy moments past real quick but every moment of bad times feel like a lifetime.

8. Season 7 Episode 12- Symphony of Illumination

This is the episode where it begins with Robin imagining life with kids and drifting to the part where she finds out she can never have one. But that should not hold you back you must find a way to live with it.

9. Season 8 Episode 17- The Ashtray

It is hurtful when someone speaks badly about you, it’s even more hurtful when you know it’s true. Somewhere down the road of life, we happen to take different tracks but we may lose our destination forever.

10. Season 8 Episode 20- The Time Travellers

Remember those times when you are sitting at a place and you realize that you have no one to talk to or talk about, this scene is one of those moments. It’s terrifying and painful.

11. Season 9 Episode 23- Last Forever

We can’t have a perfect life, it’s filled with uncertainty. It’s not always being young and stupid and having fun like those fairy tales where things end happily.


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