101 Single Sentence Blogging Tips For Beginners From Blogging Experts

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The web is filled with hundreds of thousands of articles offering advice to bloggers – novice or veterans. We’ve tried to gather all that wisdom into single sentence blogging tips from expert bloggers to collate this blog post.

101 Single Sentence Tips for Beginners From Blogging Experts

I hope this helps you.

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Veteran Bloggers 

  1. Write what you love
  2. Be Different
  3. Write like you talk
  4. Good content is key
  5. Good Photography will do wonders for your blog
  6. Formatting Matters a lot
  7. Research before you write
  8. Put your best foot forward and fake it until you make it.
  9. Be good and Do Good
  10. Make Friends with everyone, even your blog commentators and critics
  11. Treat each article as your product
  12. Creatively Crowdsource 
  13. Create your own media content
  14. Do Interviews/ Webinars
  15. Invite Guest Bloggers
  16. Guest Post Often
  17. Talk about yourself but Don’t talk only about yourself
  18. Answer reader questions – in comment or as a dedicated blogpost
  19. Brand Journalism – create your content like a reporter would
  20. Claim Authorship of your articles on Google+ , Facebook Authorship etc
  21. Your Blog is not a blog, its a publication.
  22. Create Google Hangouts into Courses 
  23. Convert your blogposts in audio podcasts
  24. Make Posts Social
  25. Grow your email list
  26. Spend a lot of time on your blog title and make it eye-catching
  27. Spend time on your sub-titles
  28. Schedule your blog posts on a calendar and honor timelines
  29. Measure – Analyse – Tweak – Measure – Analyse
  30. Mention Influencers and thought leaders
  31. Read other bloggers in and around your audience
  32. Use Google Trends to understand searches in your audience
  33. Conduct Keyword Research while writing your articles
  34. Optimise your blog for SEO
  35. Write a blog series, like our blogger journeys is a series where we feature bloggers and their journey in interview format. 
  36. If you take 2 hours to write a blog post, spend at-least 8 hours to promote it.
  37. Use Feedly for competitive research
  38. Do a visual audit of your blog
  39. Chase customers, not clicks
  40. Have a strong opinion
  41. Scrap Jargon and follow KISS principle ( Keep It Simple Stupid )
  42. Have Questions in your conversation to keep the reader engaged
  43. Reward your readers with useful tips in every blogpost
  44. Get Ideas from your audience
  45. Finish your blog post with some kind of call to action to signup for an email list or follow you on Twitter.
  46. Give Stuff Away
  47. Be willing to fail for a long time. Give it time, even a baby takes 9 months to come out.
  48. No Copying. Write Original Content. ALWAYS!
  49. Write unfinished posts, and ask your community to complete the conversation.
  50. Don’t write too long or too short. Generally content between 300 to 1000 words is ideal
  51. Invest in good web design
  52. Use WordPress, whenever in doubt
  53. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment
  54. Encourage interaction and make commenting easy
  55. Doing is better than Doing Perfect. Doing and failing is better than learning without action.
  56. Use Google Auto Complete and News Jacking for Blog post ideas
  57. Internal linking is key. Keep a list of link worthy content from your blog handy and sprinkle generously in your new blogposts
  58. Write for your grandma ( write simple )
  59. Revisions and re-edits are not bad. Do as often as required
  60. Cite original sources
  61. Use link shortners to track clicks
  62. Add tweet links to tweetable content
  63. Make it easy for people to share your content on social media
  64. Schedule auto promote for your older posts on social media
  65. Embrace Humour
  66. Have a great about me page
  67. Syndicate content, atleast on Alltop
  68. Celebrate your wins – everywhere!
  69. If content is king, community is queen, link building is GOD!
  70. Listicles are the easiest way to generate traffic. This blogpost is an example of a listicle
  71. Returning visitors and time spend on site are more important than page-views
  72. Hire a tech guy to trouble shoot issues, update your blog etc as soon as you feel the need. Technology issues should not be a roadblock to your success.
  73. Shamelessly Ask for help and Help fellow bloggers as much as you can!
  74. Promote your blog in your email signature, business card, and any place that lands you eyeballs
  75. Have Fun!

What About You?

This sum up my blogging tips but surely I’ve missed loads more. I’m waiting for your comments to fill up the remaining blogging tips. 
Veteran Bloggers: What blogging tips have we missed that you’d like to feature?
Newbie Bloggers: What are the questions you’d want us to answer in our blogging tips?


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